Evaluation on the function of super clear portrait of a beautiful camera

What is the ultimate meaning of selfie? No matter when and where the light is good or bad, you can take a beautiful photo to show yourself and express your love for life. However, in a bad light environment, it is very difficult for the little sister to get a good-looking picture without blur, deformation and mask. On the microblog, there is a topic about how beautiful the camera really smells. A group of young sisters who love life volunteer to hand disabled party members. The rate of making films is extremely high. Zhang Zhang is a high-definition blockbuster beauty camera with super clear portrait function, which has won many netizens’ praise. < / P > < p > many netizens have tested it in person. Under the topic of microblog, Po produced photos of high-definition portrait function of beauty camera. Netizen @ is Wang Zuge’s comment on the photo taking effect of beauty camera. “Take photos in the evening, try the super clear portrait of beauty camera that everyone is using. This super clear portrait is super powerful when the light is very weak or at night! Second kill all self timer apps. ” < / P > < p > in the complex lighting environment with yellow light, blue light and purple light at the same time, the photography effect of beauty camera is still guaranteed. The skin details and texture of the face are completely preserved, and the face is not covered with stray light by the nearby game machine, which greatly retains the quality of skin and the details of makeup. < / P > < p > @ is Wang Zuge who has not forgotten to compare the beauty camera with other photo taking apps. Even in the same indoor white light environment, the photos taken by other beauty photo app appear dark skin and lose the whiteness and delicacy of the original skin. < / P > < p > enlarge the photo by 10%, and you will see that other beauty photo apps have smoothed the root of the bridge, and the beauty camera still retains the highlight of the root of the bridge, ensuring the integrity of the makeup. < / P > < p > in low light, how to restore skin color is a great test. In the weak light environment, the beauty camera maintains a high level of white balance, still can accurately restore @ Xu Yunyan’s white skin color, and maintain the overall makeup feeling. The details of the hair were also accurately identified and preserved, not pasted together. Zoom in on the details of the eye and still see each eyelash clearly. < / P > < p > in the dark outdoors, how does the super clear portrait mode of beauty camera perform? Netizen @ Mengru_ J said that in the past, I felt that the photos taken by the beauty camera were a bit untrue, but after using the super clear portrait mode of the beauty camera, I was shocked, “an ordinary park takes a vacation feeling. Beauty camera is really so sweet, I unilaterally declared that I fell in love with it. ” < / P > < p > compared with other apps, the photos of Meiyan camera are not gray, and the color restoration is accurate. The beauty camera also intelligently recognized the object, and the texture on the stone was not removed because of the beauty. @ MENGRU_ J has not forgotten to give a tutorial: Beauty camera – Camera – more modes – super clear portrait. < / P > < p > for the game of night shooting, netizen @ xiaomaozai shared a method of using a projector to shoot super clear photos without turning on the flash. Turn on the projector and beauty camera high-definition portrait effect, you can take high-definition pictures with artistic conception. < / P > < p > in the super clear portrait mode of the beauty camera, the photo effect is not affected by the color light, and there is no color deviation. The facial features of the characters are also very three-dimensional, and the hair is almost visible. < / P > < p > what would happen if the super clear portrait mode of the beauty camera was not used? @Xiaomaozaozi also gave a contrast. Due to the lack of light, the noise of other beauty photography apps has affected the photo effect, the color number of lipstick has also changed, the part of hair has been over processed, and the lack of details is slightly blurred. < / P > < p > the super clear portrait mode of the beauty camera can recognize the face very well, and automatically virtualize the background, and enlarge the details. It not only retains the eyebrows, lip lines and other details, but also retains the texture of the skin, and is naturally high-definition beautified. It is no wonder @ xiaomaozai said that “the beauty camera is really fragrant”. < / P > < p > under the topic of “beautiful camera is really fragrant”, more and more netizens actively join Amway beauty camera team. It may be just a distance from the beauty camera App to upgrade from a photo maker to a self timer. Older posts →

Author: zmhuaxia