Excel can’t use, make a joke, even “85 disinfectant” has come out

84 disinfectant is used for disinfection in the community. The table in one area is on. The data in the first line of the drug name is 84 disinfectant, and then it becomes 85, 86… And 105, which seems too unprofessional. < / P > < p > at ordinary times, we hope that each cell is filled with the same content, and we will also use the quick drop-down. For example, we pull down the medical mask Waiting for filling sequence is equivalent to copying content < / P > < p > when all the data is text, it will copy. However, 84 disinfectant is number + text, so excel default is number plus 1, and the text will drop down unchanged. < / P > < p > when we need to quickly fill this kind of text with numbers, we need to add a step of setting. Click the box in the lower right corner, and then select the copy cell in it. < / P > < p > of course, when we use data filling, not all text will be copied. For example, if we enter Monday and then drop down, we will get the result The repetition of the week < / P > < p > in this way, the text without Arabic 1-9 numbers is filled down and not copied. This is because excel has customized some commonly used sequences. In the advanced level, you can edit the user-defined list < / P > < p > the next time you quickly fill in the data, you can see the numbers and text inside, adjust the filling sequence according to your own needs, or duplicate Stop making jokes. Have you learned? Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”