Exclusive disclosure of Apple’s new iPhone 12 price, all equipped with 5g, the price has increased

Apple’s iPhone 12 release date has now been officially announced, which means that the leaks were correct. Now, the most shocking part of the release seems to have been leaked. < / P > < p > after reports that Apple will raise the price of the iPhone 12 significantly, apple rumors, a prolific source, released detailed data on the price of each model. < / P > < p > two things are important. First, the new iPhone 12 Mini will cost $50 less than the iPhone 11 at each price point, while the iPhone 12 will cost $50 more. Second, the first two capacities of the iPhone 12 Pro will be $50 cheaper than its predecessor, while the entry-level storage capacity will double. < / P > < p > Yes, these phones are still expensive, but they will all add expensive 5g chipsets, which have caused Apple’s competitors to raise prices substantially. For example, the galaxy note 20 ultra and S20 ultra start at $1299 and $1399, respectively. So if Apple’s new pricing is right, it will reshape the smartphone industry at multiple prices. Of course, it’s not all good news. Apple has made some big compromises to get the price to those levels. These include reduced battery capacity, reduced screen refresh rate, and removal of headphones and chargers from the box. The latter two will be touted as environmentally sound, but the decision could still frustrate potential customers. < / P > < p > Yes, it also has advantages, such as its new avant-garde design, the state-of-the-art A14 chip and the ingenious new lidar camera on the pro model. However, in all these years, it will inevitably become the biggest selling point of the iPhone 12 release to lower the price in order to get more benefits than the competitors. Now there are only a few days left for the final answer. New product launch