Exclusive Tesla believes that pinduoduo group purchase constitutes resale lawyer: the owner should claim compensation from the merchant

Sina Technology News on August 15 afternoon news, Sina Technology exclusive from Tesla channel to understand, Tesla has identified pinduoduo’s group buying constitutes resale, and said that it supports consumers to protect their own legitimate rights and interests, and provides necessary support for customers to protect their rights and interests. < / P > < p > a Tesla insider told Sina technology that in the process of service with customers, Tesla found that the car purchase orders on the official website of the customers were not operated by themselves, but were placed by pinduoduo platform with the personal information of customers. The customer himself also clearly informed Tesla that the final payment was paid by pinduoduo and that the customer had paid the full amount to pinduoduo. This behavior has constituted an order resale, and the customer has no direct contractual relationship with Tesla. Now it’s not Tesla that is failing to deliver on its promise, but pinduoduo. Therefore, Tesla supports consumers to protect their own legitimate rights and interests, and is willing to provide necessary support for customers’ reasonable rights protection. In an interview with Sina Technology, a lawyer in the field of consumer rights and interests protection said that pinduoduo’s activity page showed 10000 people buying in groups, but actually only five cars were provided. In this way, a large amount of consumer information was obtained. At the same time, the guide price dropped by 40000 yuan on the activity page, which would cause misunderstanding among consumers. During the event, pinduoduo publicly said that it had prepared enough new cars, but in the specific operation, it deliberately concealed the true information from Tesla by collecting the personal information of consumers and then placing orders in the name of consumers. Pinduoduo’s behavior is to deceive consumers in the front end and Tesla in the back end. In essence, pinduoduo is to attract traffic by order resale. < / P > < p > “pinduoduo should do more positive business, and don’t spend the main energy on these opportunistic things. I support consumers to claim triple from pinduoduo / yibuya. ” The lawyer said. Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo