Expected to replace Google? Huawei officially announced that everything came so fast!

Google has banned Huawei from carrying GMS services, which means Huawei’s mobile phones sold overseas will not be able to download applications, navigate, send and receive e-mail, which is no different from that of an elderly mobile phone. This has also brought a chain reaction to Huawei mobile phones. Many overseas Huawei mobile phone users are worried about the inconvenience of using Huawei mobile phones, which leads to the decline of Huawei mobile phone sales in the European market.

after that, Huawei released its own Hongmeng system and HMS service in September to retain part of the mobile phone market. So now a year later, what happened to HMS? Huawei officially announced that everything came so fast!

recently, Zhang Ping’an, President of Huawei’s consumer cloud service, disclosed the latest news of HMS service. The number of active users of HMS reached 700 million, an increase of 32% compared with last year; the number of Huawei developers has reached 1.6 million, an increase of 76% compared with last year; the number of applications connected to Hongmeng system has exceeded 81000, an increase of 88% compared with last year.

as the era of mobile Internet, mobile phones have become one of the most frequently used mobile devices. Huawei certainly does not dare to rashly apply Hongmeng system to mobile phones, but Huawei is paying close attention to deploying Hongmeng system and HMS services in other fields.

in the second half of last year, Huawei already installed Hongmeng System 1.0 on its own Huawei TV, and some mainstream software on the market has been adapted to Hongmeng System 1.0. Huawei watch has gradually transferred to Hongmeng system.

on the other hand, Huawei is also using various ways to attract developers to settle in HMS services. Last year, for example, Huawei put forward a $1 billion starlight program to reward developers to move into HMS services, and canceled the revenue sharing of developers similar to apple. Recently, Huaier launched the Yaoxing pilot program, which is committed to the globalization of Huawei’s HMS services.

according to the latest news, Huawei will hold the Hongmeng System 2.0 conference at the home basketball center of Guangdong team on September 11. This time, Hongmeng system will land on Huawei mobile phone, Huawei tablet and Huawei computer, and thoroughly open up HMS service.

according to previous information, as long as Huawei mobile phones equipped with Kirin chips are equipped, the adaptation of Hongmeng system will be completed. I have been waiting for Hongmeng system to be released to the mobile phone, and I will experience it at the first time.

can you use Huawei mobile phone equipped with Hongmeng system? Do you think Hongmeng system can replace Google’s Android system? Welcome to share in the comments.

Author: zmhuaxia