Extreme evolution or balanced development? Oppo charging technology of these chicken thieves you have to understand!

“Five minutes to charge two hours” this brainwashing advertising language with domestic mobile phone charging technology in the rapid development and into the history of the river, in the 5g era today, completely dissipated in the world. But don’t panic, the new advertising word has reappeared – “charge 5 minutes, brush the play for 4 hours.” have you heard that? Before that brainwashing advertisement word, oppo had many good copywriting and advertising words filled its growth history. Including “more clear photos before and after 20million photos” and “clearer at this moment”, so why is “charging 5 minutes to talk for two hours” more attracted people’s attention, so that oppo has begun to focus on breaking through the technology of “mobile phone charging” after focusing on taking photos better? In recent years of high-speed mobile phone running at home, although the performance of mobile phones has been broken through repeatedly and the photography technology has been climbing to the peak, even the mobile screen has soared from the traditional 60Hz to 90hz or higher 120Hz high refresh rate, but they still cannot avoid the most critical topic: how to keep the charging life of mobile phones at a just good balance point Up? In my opinion, in the past few years, mobile phone manufacturers have made efforts in software and hardware, such as super power saving / one button power saving mode, which has been almost universal now, and for example, the popular “dark mode” launched for app in the past two years, which are all used to provide side assistance to the mobile phone’s endurance capability in software; and on the hardware, the main manufacturers have made efforts in the software and hardware at present The current flagship mobile phone has already driven the cell phone battery capacity to 4500mAh, even the saying that it has no scruples about “half Jin machine” has to do so. It can be seen that the improvement of endurance capacity is not only an important indicator for people to choose mobile phones, but also one of the mainstream needs in the 5g era. Take oppo reno4 Pro as an example, although the 5g era is a dust-free era of oppo in charging technology, millet has even repeatedly sniped oppo in the field of wired and wireless charging. However, the familiar “high efficiency charging” ability of oppo users has not disappeared, from “charging 5 minutes to two hours” to “charging for 5 minutes” Brush drama for 4 hours “, not only is the era in the demand for oppo progress, but also the user is promoting the advance of oppo! What is the base gas supporting oppo reno4 Pro “charging 5 minutes and brushing for 4 hours”? From the hardware point of view, oppo reno4 Pro is equipped with a 4000mAh battery capacity battery and supported by 65W super flash charging. According to official data, although 65W is not the most powerful charging speed at present, it can be filled in 36 minutes; in the feedback of users, it can be filled in 30 minutes! In my opinion, oppo has been much smarter than “friends” in charge technology. Maybe, it is the most important reason why oppo can cross the road and the offline market can overcome the city strategy in 4G era. Taking Xiaomi, a friend, for example, once known as “simple and rough” in mobile phone charging technology: it has only experienced 3-5 years from the 18W fast charging to the current 120W fast charging era; moreover, millet is more accustomed to breaking through the limit on battery capacity constantly to ensure that users can be more powerful from charging efficiency to the “consumption” ability of mobile phone battery itself! But oppo is different, it may be different in positioning population or in the strategy of exercise. Since the era of “charging 5 minutes to talk for 2 hours” to the current “charging 5 minutes for 4 hours”, oppo’s so-called continuous charging capacity is vigorously following three principles: 1. The battery capacity has been within the average line; 2. The charging efficiency must be outside the average line, but not more than too much; 3. Ensure the user’s holding hand. The first is to break through the force, the other is to pay more attention to the experience of balance and hand feeling. We can not say who is superior and can only say that they are more suitable for their respective user groups. So, with the guarantee of short-term endurance + enough mobile power supply / charging base, oppo reno4 Pro will perform better because it also ensures the light and comfortable feeling; in the case of super long service scenario + insufficient charging power supply, the flagship product of millet led by the top 10 commemorative version of Xiaomi will show some advantages. On the way of technological breakthrough, no one is absolutely correct; similarly, in the field of mobile phone charging technology, some manufacturers may pay more attention to fully meet the needs of users in one direction, so they try to push the technology to the extreme, and some manufacturers focus on product balance, so as to maintain balanced development in technology, only for Give users more suitable for the real needs. As oppo has been racing in the mobile phone industry in recent years, there is not much change from the original appearance to today: focusing on the needs of young users, starting from the needs of young users, including the fuselage design that has always insisted on good hand and excellent grip, including balanced performance and good self-photographing comfort experience, and even the hand feeling and charging life mentioned today A design that maintains a balance between. This is the survival of oppo mobile phone brand and one of its brand characteristics – in the past, now or so, who is not the “original youth”? Before the end of this article, I would like to ask you: do you prefer oppo, which focuses on details, promotes technology without arrogance or likes to push technology to the extreme, and only the brand of other friends based on the user’s needs? Welcome to participate in the discussion! Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo