Face recognition mobile APK share experience face recognition

· hongsoft company provides free offline face recognition, which provides a friendly and complete configurable demo for developers. However, if you want to experience the functions directly, you still need to spend a little time to complete a series of work such as project compilation and configuration. For beginners and people who are not familiar with the whole project, they may step into many pitfalls. < / P > < p > · this paper is based on the demo of hongruan face recognition SDK V3.0 Android Java. After encapsulation, it outputs a simple APK program, which can be directly installed into the mobile phone to experience the function. It is convenient for the first contact to quickly experience the face recognition function, which is convenient for algorithm selection, research and superior report! Main functions: face registration, face detection, attribute detection, living detection, face ratio and equivalence. < p > < p > so far, the contents of each part have been introduced. This time, we have experienced hongruan’s Android version of face recognition, and shared the APK for everyone to experience the function. If you want to integrate more face scenes, such as completing the access control terminal, app, etc., you can also download the SDK for self-development, and the whole project will be shared again later. If you find deficiencies in reading, please leave a message!!! Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!