Feel the more advanced sharp dragon 7 Pro: ThinkPad T14

In the past July, amd released the sharp dragon 4000g and the sharp dragon Pro 4000g series desktop processors, focusing more on the Si and OEM markets. In the notebook platform, amd also has the sharp dragon Pro 4000U series processor, specifically for enterprise level commercial mobile platform. < / P > < p > recently, we received Lenovo’s ThinkPad T14, which is equipped with the top-notch 7 Pro 4750u processor of the sharp dragon Pro 4000U series. < / P > < p > to put it simply, in addition to the commercial oriented security, stability and manageability brought by AMD Pro Technology, the Ruilong 7 Pro 4750u processor also has the hyper threading function compared with the Ruilong 7 4700u, with the basic frequency of 1.7GHz, the maximum acceleration of 4.1ghz, the secondary cache of 4MB, the third level cache of 8MB, seven Vega Cu units, 448 stream processors, the frequency of 1600MHZ, and the thermal design power consumption of 15W. < p > < p > except that the basic frequency is slightly lower than that of the Ruilong 7 4700u, the other parameters are almost the same. Of course, with the support of hyper threading, the multi-threaded performance of the sharp dragon 7 Pro 4750u processor should be much better than that of the sharp dragon 7 4700u. In some cases, the multi-threaded performance of the sharp dragon 7 4600u with 6 cores and 12 threads was better than that of the sharp dragon 7 4700u. Now the sharp dragon 7 Pro 4750u has 8 cores and 16 threads, and its performance is worth looking forward to. < / P > < p > in addition, the TDP of the 7 Pro 4750u processor is 15W, and the ThinkPad T14 is unlocked to 22W, which is a low-power processor of quasi chicken blood. < p > < p > of course, as a notebook full of business genes, in addition to the sharp dragon 7 Pro 4750u processor, the ThinkPad T14 is different from the traditional lightweight edition in some aspects: < / P > < p > ThinkPad T14 The Ruilong version has passed 12 US mil-std-810g military standard tests, including drop test, low temperature test, high temperature test, altitude test, dust prevention test, mechanical impact test, explosion-proof fire test, vibration test, fungus test, etc., to ensure stable operation in various harsh environments. < / P > < p > in the networking state, business notebooks may be controlled by hackers. The ThinkPad T14 sharp dragon version adopts a sliding black valve. When the camera is not in use, it can slide the valve directly to block the camera. < / P > < p > if you are only for office use, you can buy the version of 16GB memory directly. At this time, a single channel is available at any time, but the capacity is sufficient. If you want to play games, it is recommended to buy 8GB memory version and add another 8GB memory to form a dual channel mode. Of course, if the budget is adequate, 32GB dual channel is not impossible. < / P > < p > of course, in addition to these, the keyboard of the ThinkPad T series notebook has always had a very good reputation. The keyboard input experience of the ThinkPad T14 sharp dragon is better than that of most light weight books. In addition, the addition of Intel Wi Fi 6 ax201 wireless network card is also a small highlight. < / P > < p > ThinkPad T14 is a high-end business notebook that inherits ThinkPad elements, and its body is made of aluminum alloy. Surface a is designed with skin like texture coating, with delicate feeling and moderate friction. < / P > < p > the screen uses a 14 inch wide viewing angle display with a resolution of 1920 * 1080, 45% NTSC gamut and 250nit brightness. This keyboard is the most proud part of the ThinkPad T series. The top of the cap adopts the design of sinking in the center, and each radian is carefully adjusted to fit the radian of the fingertip perfectly, so that the user experience is better; the key range of the button is 1.8mm, which is outstanding at the level of 6000 yuan in terms of hand feeling. < / P > < p > there are two type-C interfaces on the left side of the fuselage, one of which is a full-function interface, which can be used for charging, video output and file transmission. On the other side is a type-C lightning 3 interface, which supports professional base docking stations. < / P > < p > in the disassembly diagram, the cooling system with single fan and double heat pipes has a battery capacity of 45wh and a SO-DIMM socket. Therefore, players with game needs can buy 8GB or 16GB versions according to their actual needs, and then install their own memory. < / P > < p > with the addition of hyper threading technology, the multi-core performance of the Ruilong 7 Pro 4750u is 20% better than that of the Ruilong 7 4700u, and the single core performance is completely flat. < / P > < p > the maximum brightness of the 15.6-inch screen is 220nit, and the maximum contrast is 31520:1 at 25% brightness, and 840:1 at 50% or higher brightness. < p > < p > in the performance level mobile display system, the sharp dragon 7 Pro 4750u ran out of the frame rate of 17fps. < / P > < p > let’s test how the Reebok 7 Pro 4750u can actually perform in this hottest video game. < / P > < p > we played a game. In a very high image quality, the ThinkPad T14 Reebok version almost kept the frame rate of 80fps up and down, both in the fight and in the decisive battle. For a lightweight notebook positioning mainstream, it has been relatively smooth, but it is obvious that the single channel memory affects the further improvement of the game frame rate. < / P > < p > from the above table, it is clear that there is a very obvious performance difference between Vega GPU and single channel memory and dual channel memory. Fortunately, the ThinkPad T14 has a SO-DIMM slot for players to expand. If the dual channel mode is adopted, the game performance can be improved by more than 30%. < / P > < p > the ThinkPad T14 has a built-in lithium battery with a capacity of 50wh. Let’s use pcmark8 to actually test the office life. The power mode is “longer endurance”, all other processes are turned off during the test, the network connection is closed, and the screen brightness is adjusted to 50%. < p > < p > in the work accelerated mode, the endurance test result of ThinkPad T14 is 6 hours and 45 minutes, which always belongs to the middle reaches level in the light and thin version. Based on the normal daily use intensity, there will be no problem supporting the mobile office for a whole day. < p > < p > after 21 minutes of operation, the power consumption of APU is 18W, the core frequency of Vega 7 GPU can be stabilized at 1600MHZ, and the temperature is only 59 ℃. < / P > < p > ThinkPad T14 was born to replace ThinkPad t490 and simplify naming. From the test point of view, the performance of this notebook can be said to be commendable. < / P > < p > open the bottom cover of the ThinkPad T14 sharp dragon version, and you can find the difference with other notebooks. All I / O interfaces of the ThinkPad T14 are reinforced with alloy, which is very strong; the internal component layout is also neat and orderly, and there will be no messy flying line of other 5000 yuan notebook. < / P > < p > usually, for a low-power processor with 15W TDP, if you want to control the temperature, you need at least two heat pipes. It happens that the ThinkPad T14 Reebok adopts the three fan dual heat pipe heat dissipation configuration, which can suppress the temperature at about 80 ℃ under the condition of the processor maintaining 22W power consumption for a long time, and the noise of the fan will not cause trouble. < p > < p > with hyper threading, the multi threading performance of the sharp dragon 7 Pro 4750u processor is 15% better than that of the 45W i7-10750h processor at 22W power consumption, and is 19% better than that of the sharp dragon 7 4700u, which also has 15W power consumption without hyper threading. < / P > < p > due to the default single channel memory of the ThinkPad T14, the game experience is not good. Fortunately, it has a SO-DIMM socket for expansion. If there is a real need for games, you can add a memory to form a dual channel. The game frame rate of the Reebok 7 Pro 4750u can be increased by more than 30%. If you don’t play games, either 8GB or 16GB of single channel memory has no impact on the experience. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?