Female passengers were arrested in five hours for stealing the iPhone

The woman saw other passengers sleeping in the middle of the night, the mobile phone slipped onto the floor of the carriage, greedy and easy to steal. Beiqing – Beijing headline reporter learned on November 17 that the woman was arrested by police only five hours later. At present, the Xilinhot railway police have taken criminal compulsory measures against the theft of woman Lu, and the case is being further dealt with. At about 10:00 on October 27, on the k2011 train from Hohhot to Wulanhaote West, the police received an alarm from Zhao, a passenger in No.5 carriage, saying that at 23:00 on the 26th, his apple mobile phone under the pillow of his bunk was stolen, worth 6500 yuan. After receiving the police, the

arrived at the scene to investigate the case, asking the victims, the conductor and other passengers in the carriage. The police presumed that the theft was made by the same passenger. The suspect went away at 3:29 am at 3:29 on the morning of the 27 mobile phone. The police immediately reported the case to the police detachment and the command center of the public security department. Xilinhot Railway Public Security Department immediately transferred elite police into the investigation, locked the suspect Lu and determined his address.

interrogation, the suspect Lu Moumou confessed that she accompanied her parents to attend the K2011 passenger train after their wedding ceremony, and returned to Xilinhaote from South Ningning. At about 3:00 a.m. on the 27th, when she was packing up and getting ready to get off the bus, she saw the apple mobile phone of the passenger in the middle berth sliding onto the floor of the carriage. She was greedy for a moment, so she quickly picked it up and shut it down and got off from Xilinhot station to take it home. Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865