Fifth personality: he is the strangest survivor in the manor. He has nothing but fashion

There are many different roles in the manor, but the most impressive ones are actually just a few. These impressive characters have one thing in common, that is, most of their strength is at t0 ~ T1 level for a long time, and the roles with a little less intensity have already belonged to the cold level, which is too cold to be cooled any more. < / P > < p > although most of the characters get a certain amount of existence at their first appearance, and even shine during this period, they can’t resist the phenomenon of getting colder and colder as time goes on. Until finally, no one is interested in them. Only when they look at the characters can they realize that there is such a role in the manor. < p > < p > < p > “mortuary” Carl originated from the “folk creative competition”, and he was also the most popular and beautiful survivor among the three successful entries in manor games. < p > < p > wearing a “Mask”, Karl always gives people a “delicate” feeling. His white face and slender figure make people look like a “housekeeper” rather than an “undertaker”. The “Resurrection” of his teammates in the “coffin” is called the “Resurrection ability” of his teammates through the funeral ceremony. < / P > < p > this powerful skill once made “Carl” be pushed to the altar by the players. Unfortunately, with the continuous change of versions, the “Carl” who has no self-protection ability eventually pays the wrong person, and this fact also gives birth to a very strange phenomenon. < / P > < p > in fact, many people have a good opinion of Carl’s appearance and appearance. Although the strength of this handsome survivor is not flattering, it is a standard image of a beautiful man. < / P > < p > in the game, you will find that most of the characters have a lot of green and blue skins, but only when you get to Carl, you will find that there is only one green skin, and it is the most original initial fashion. < / P > < p > of course, this is not the most terrible thing. The most terrible thing is that when you accumulate enough pieces to exchange for a fashion exclusive to Karl, you will find that no skin in the mall belongs to the undertaker. This fact also tells us that this “man” can’t be touched without krypton gold. < / P > < p > I’d like to tell you a very helpless fact. In fact, the current “mortuary” is almost the same as “doctor”. Of course, this does not mean “role strength”, but “role popularity” and “attendance times”. Today’s “doctors” have become the queen of the low-end bureaux. Everyone is wearing all kinds of expensive purple and gold leather to give the regulator seconds to pour, while the “mortuary” and the doctor are the same, everyone is wearing a variety of limited fashion skin to send seconds to the regulator. < / P > < p > however, the results may vary greatly. Few regulators will go to Buddha as a doctor, but a large number of supervisors will go to Buddha as an undertaker. As a result, the doctor becomes the one who is hung in the basement, and the mortician is the one who is taken to the basement, which is also the basement. The doctor sits on the cold steel bench, and the mortician is favored by some people. < / P > < p > a long time ago, many people have been asking when the “blind girl” will be strengthened. However, with the cry of others asking when the “blind girl” will be strengthened, it seems that the strengthening of the “undertaker” is not very bold. After all, the most disadvantageous undertaker also has a variety of fashions, and the strength of blind girls is a big problem. < / P > < p > but now the blind girl’s strengthening plan has finally arrived, but it is a little unsatisfactory in terms of intensity and other aspects. This adjustment seems to make the players who have asked the mortuary when to strengthen their skills suddenly feel excited and choked. < / P > < p > after all, if the undertaker is really adjusted to be a dancer or a blind girl, it’s better not to adjust. It’s better to let the undertaker be a “limited Little Prince” steadily. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine