Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally

Fifthly, the anti addiction mechanism of minors in the fifth personality has been online for a long time, but there may be omissions because the game versions of different service channels are different. In order to fully start the minors anti addiction mechanism, the fifth personality official blog suggests that we upgrade the game to the latest version.

although it’s very solemn, in fact, most players don’t need to update, only some players need to. But whether it is updated or not, you will receive a reward in the end. Reward content is: a permanent blue unlock card, a 3-day purple skin unlock card, 188 clues.

compared with this picture, there is a game version number in the upper left corner of the fifth personality start game interface. As long as your version number is greater than or equal to the corresponding game version, there is no need to update it. If you don’t know what channel service you are, you can query it in the “retrieve account” option on the login game page.

under normal circumstances, click to update the game. However, Android devices may have browser download hijacking and local store installation hijacking problems. We must pay attention to this problem.

when users download applications through the mobile application distribution platform, the download process requires the network services provided by the operator. Some operators may cooperate with other service providers to exchange the program packets that users want to download.

this kind of behavior is disgusting, but it is basically done by Android in China. For example, when you download the fifth personality with an Android phone, the browser may suggest that you use high-speed download and secure download, which can speed up 40% and avoid network hijacking.

many players play the fifth personality. They originally wanted to play official clothes, but somehow the download process turned into other channel services, which is actually why. If you want to download normally, you must click “normal download”.

Android phones may have the problem of ontology app store installation hijacking. Installation hijacking is similar to download hijacking, which is immoral behavior of service providers and operators.

after you download the fifth personality, if “one click installation” or “application market installation” appears, do not click. Once you click, it may become another channel service. The correct installation method is “normal installation” or “continue installation”.

in case there is a problem in downloading the installation package, it may lead to the failure to log in to the game normally. At this time, you can select “account recovery” on the right side of the start game interface, enter the nickname and number, find your own corresponding channel service, and download the correct channel service installation package. Only then can the normal game be played.

I don’t know if you understand. If you don’t understand, you can communicate in the comment area. At this point, I want to make complaints about the game. It was a simple thing to update a game bag, but it was so complicated.

once technology is used to do evil, everyone is a victim. Strange is that some operators and service providers, for the sake of interests, regardless of user experience, they use their own efforts to pull down the surfing experience of national netizens.

clearly you want to download a, but the result is a lot of BCD apps that you don’t want; you want to watch a 30 second video, and the ad is longer than the video; you chat with friends about JK, and all the things recommended by the browser are JK.

your words, deeds and actions are collected and monitored by various apps in the mobile phone, which is called big data. But we have no privacy. While enjoying the convenience of the Internet, we are also hijacked by the whole network.