Finally, it’s Apple’s turn! For every iPhone 12 sold, Huawei has to pay a patent fee

Some time ago, Apple’s latest product, the iPhone 12, was officially released. In less than a week, Huawei’s new mate 40 series also followed closely. At present, the two products are in a state of fierce competition. There are constant disputes on the two products in the market, which one is more worth buying. At this critical time, the outside world suddenly found that it was Apple’s turn to pay the patent fee. Every time apple sells an iPhone 12, it has to pay Huawei a patent fee, because Apple 12 focuses on 5g network technology! < p > < p > Huawei enterprises have been investing in 5g network technology for many years. All regions in China have established base stations on land. When they are fully improved, we can welcome the arrival of 5g era. When Huawei publicly developed 5g network technology, it attracted worldwide attention. Many countries also took the initiative to cooperate with Huawei. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) specially released a message saying that Huawei’s 5g network technology was taken as the standard. During this period, many countries have invested in the research of 5g network technology, but the effect is not good. Therefore, 5g network technology is a major advantage of Huawei. This time, the biggest selling point of Apple’s 12 mobile phone is 5g mobile phone. However, the United States has been inferior to Huawei in terms of 5g network technology. In other words, apple can only use Huawei’s 5g patent. If it does not pay the patent fee to Huawei, apple 12 will not be able to use the network in the future. As we all know, Huawei, a Chinese technology giant, is currently facing sanctions from the US government. The other side is trying to curb Huawei’s channels for importing chips by monopolizing the chip market. Although Huawei is suffering from a chip crisis, which has caused considerable losses, the scientific and technological team has invested in independent research, and it is believed that the technology of other countries will be completely eliminated in the near future The dependence of. The United States is complacent about the negative impact on Huawei. Unexpectedly, apple, a well-known domestic brand, has also entered the “pit”. This patent fee is not cheap, which the US government did not expect. Due to the increasingly tense Sino US relations, many Chinese will choose to support domestic mobile phones, indicating that they will not support apple. Jittery mobile phone tiktok will be banned from the US in the future if China’s relations deteriorated again. This time, WeChat and jitter were banned from the US. The news also released news that Apple users were forbidden to use them, which was a panic attack. If Apple really did, Apple users would be the biggest victims. < p > < p > Huawei’s new product is one that many partners are looking forward to. It uses the most advanced Kirin 9000 chip, which will be a great pity if it is missed. As the master of 5g network technology, Huawei also launched 5g mobile phones this time, so it can attract the trust of the public. In addition, there are obvious differences in the prices of the two mobile phones. Therefore, Huawei mate series has obvious advantages over apple 12. Of course, the U.S. government is also responsible for this. If they lose such a huge market in China in the future, they will suddenly realize it. < / P > < p > many evaluation results about Apple 12 have been launched on the Internet, and many experts have said that they do not recommend buying new Apple mobile phones. Professor Wu Hequan once mentioned in the meeting that Apple’s main mobile phone is 5g, but it took about 10 years to develop from 3G to 4G, so there is still some time to go before 5g era. Moreover, the mobile phone will still rely on Huawei’s 5g network technology in the future. Of course, it is better to use Huawei products. Some netizens also revealed that the difference between the color of Apple mobile phone and the publicity photos is too big, especially the blue model, which is popular with the public. What’s more, Apple has not provided the basic equipment of earphone and charger, which has greatly disappointed many Apple fans. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?