Finally, someone is telling the truth! Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences tells the truth of 5g, iPhone 12 should be cooled down

After the death of Steve Jobs and Joe’s gang leader, Apple’s innovation power seems to have been taken away with it. Although apple under cook’s leadership has played a lively role in the commercial market over the past few years, it is estimated that the coffin of Mr. Qiao will not be covered, no matter whether it is the camera, or the software and hardware services, even if it is always slow to be photographed by others, the new machine will be built every year As the current popular model, but if you want to enjoy the latest technology on the apple mobile phone of that year, I’m afraid it will fail. < p > < p > take 5g as an example. In fact, 5g has been promoted in the world last year. Since the fall of last year, major manufacturers have launched their first generation 5g mobile phones. However, apple is not moved. The iPhone 11 launched last year is still a 4G mobile phone. It was not until the launch of the iPhone 12 this year that Apple’s first 5g mobile phone was brought to the world. < / P > < p > as soon as iphone12 came into the market, more than 1.5 million “fruit powder” began to book orders. Although earphones and chargers are no longer included this year, the e-commerce platform is still out of stock. Even some iPhone 12 models have been ordered out of stock on Apple’s official website. Of course, it does not rule out that there are some yellow cattle Codonopsis pilosula, but it also fully proves that even if the innovation ability is insufficient, even if the people are one step ahead, apple is still apple, and the appeal is not generally strong. Although Apple’s 5g mobile phone has not come out until today, apple is also fully prepared for 5g. According to the network support parameters, Apple’s iPhone 12 supports the largest number of 5g mobile phones in the world. The purpose of this is to adapt to the local 5g network in the sales area as much as possible. < / P > < p > many people think that since the iPhone 12 supports such a multi band 5g network, isn’t it comfortable to use 5g on the iPhone 12? New product launch