Finally, we can’t sit still. We have 865 + HD rear three camera, which is a cry from the unpopular brand

Hello everyone, many people call me “geek”. In fact, this is not the case, because I always use the name of “Taurus cult leader” in the headset bar, but I’m afraid that I will be regarded as an organization. Therefore, I’m still called a geek. < / P > < P > I’m a relatively rational mobile phone enthusiast, but if you want to ask the time, maybe I’ll go back to it In the era of Nokia, after all, we have to ask the leader when he began to like mobile phones. In the era of Nokia, I vaguely remember that at that time, “dead brushing and searching for various firmware” really created a lot of mobile phone bone ash class players. Now it’s interesting to think about it! < / P > < p > with the sudden change of the industry, Nokia withdrew from the mobile phone industry because of its own system problems. However, at this time, there is millet baton. Why is millet baton? In fact, the key point is that Xiaomi “is born for fever and not satisfied with running a point”. Really think carefully about the comparison with Nokia. Imagine that Nokia is the way to play firmware. In fact, although the surface of Xiaomi is a performance competition, there is still the suspicion of brushing the machine in the inner bone. Therefore, Xiaomi should inherit the madness of Nokia. Of course, it must have its own characteristics “no doubt”, but Today’s talk about a very popular brand “Yijia”. < / P > < p > in fact, many people may wonder why they say “dare to meet the storm and sway in the wind and rain”. In fact, this is the code name of Yijia, because in the whole mobile phone industry, although Yijia is full of innovation potential of various factors, the lack of publicity is really a big problem. In the face of the fierce industry in 2020, in addition to performance, function and Look at these basic features, and at the same time, you should also have the affirmation of publicity. Just like you do well, “it’s futile if others don’t know”. Therefore, if you add insufficient publicity, it can be regarded as meeting the storm. However, it is still not slow. It has made its own characteristics with its own potential, so that the user experience is better! And what we do here is sway in the wind and rain! Therefore, Yijia is a hot brand, we should understand it properly. < / P > < p > back to the product itself. In fact, when we talk about one plus eight, we still don’t have too many doubts and tangles in terms of performance, because although it does not have much influence on the brand, it is easy to understand that “at least it is also the mainstream flagship in 2020”. The release time is around April, which is not too old! Therefore, the performance must be the most mainstream processor this year. The “no doubt” of the high pass snapdragon 865. When you see this configuration, you must have a situation that no matter what app or the ultimate mobile game is running, the performance is extremely smooth and other phenomena are absolutely clear at a glance. < / P > < p > as for the screen, the 6.55 inch 90hz high-definition flexible screen “does not have a high brush, but it is basically enough and does not follow suit”; in terms of function, there are three cameras in the rear, 48 million in the main camera and 16 million in the front. Although the self timer is not focused on the self portrait at present, the effect of the mobile phone is good, but the fidelity is still in place! In fact, the biggest advantage of photography is landscape imaging! A 4300 Ma battery with a battery life of 4300 Ma is “usually charged in two days without pressure”. In fact, I prefer to add two speakers, which is really the welfare of the film watching party. If you like watching blockbusters, you can really be there. < / P > < p > at the end! As an alternative performance flagship “one plus eight”, although there is not much public opinion about its brand, it can dare to meet the storm and sway in the wind and rain. It only uses the essential experience of performance and function to let users like it or even buy it. This is the hard power bonus of one plus eight. What’s your opinion? < p > < p > note: the leader does not praise any brand, so it is easy to be questioned as “water army” or “take money”. There will be many readers saying that “Xiaobian XXX” and other disharmonious factors. However, what I said is to judge a product from the perspective of the interests of the majority of users, so that everyone can choose machines rationally. I hope you like < a href= target=_ blank>Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?