Find out the consequences! Zhao Lijian officially said that apple, Qualcomm or heavy losses!

Since last year, the United States has been attacking Chinese technology companies, first Huawei, then tiktok, and then wechat. The reason why the United States has repeatedly suppressed China’s science and technology enterprises is self-evident, that is, to curb the development of China’s science and technology, and to ensure that the United States’ position as the world hegemony will not be shaken. Not long ago, China issued a warning for the first time against the US crackdown on Chinese technology enterprises, clearly identifying the consequences of the US crackdown on Chinese enterprises. On August 27, Zhao Lijian made an official speech. According to Zhao Lijian, spokesman of the foreign ministry, if the United States cracked down on wechat, Apple would suffer heavy losses. Because many Chinese have made it clear that if they can’t use wechat on Apple phones, they will give up using apple phones. The consequences of < / P > < p > have been identified! If Apple mobile phone can’t install wechat, the most affected company is not Tencent in China, but apple in the United States. This is the consequence of the United States’ unreasonable bullying of Chinese technology enterprises! < / P > < p > “identify the consequences! Warning for the first time “! After Zhao Lijian’s official speech, many Chinese people were excited, because it means that our country will not continue to wait for death. If the US ZF continues to suppress Chinese technology enterprises unreasonably, it will suffer terrible consequences. When China first issued a warning, clearly pointing out the consequences of the US crackdown on China’s science and technology, some foreign media said: obviously, the US ZF’s crackdown on Chinese technology enterprises has aroused the dissatisfaction of the country’s policy makers, and the subsequent development of American science and technology enterprises in China may be hindered or suffer heavy losses! < / P > < p > indeed, although Apple phones and Qualcomm chips are excellent, it doesn’t mean that Chinese people have to use them. If it’s not good, we can choose alternative products. < / P > < p > for example, if Apple mobile phone can’t use wechat, we can choose to use mobile phones made by domestic brands such as Huawei and Xiaomi. We should know that in recent years, the overall level of domestic mobile phones has been improved by leaps and bounds, which is not inferior to that of Apple mobile phones. Even in some aspects of innovation and breakthrough, it is more powerful than apple mobile phones. In terms of chips, the performance of Qualcomm chips is really good, but this does not mean that we can only choose it, because in addition to Qualcomm chips, we can also choose other third-party chips, such as MediaTek. < p > < p > in fact, since this year, domestic mobile phone manufacturers have begun to reduce their dependence on Qualcomm chips in a planned way. After a little understanding, we can find that domestic brands such as Xiaomi, Huawei and ov have reduced the frequency of using high-tech chips. In particular, large-scale switch to MediaTek chips has been started in medium and low-end mobile phones. All these signs have proved that China can completely eliminate the use of high-tech chips when necessary. < / P > < p > it is generally believed in the industry that if China launches a counterattack, apple and Qualcomm may suffer heavy losses, because these two American technology companies are too dependent on the Chinese market. < p > < p > take Qualcomm as an example. According to relevant data, in 2019, China’s chip imports exceeded $300 billion, making it the world’s largest semiconductor consumer market. According to the data released by market research institutions, about 70% of the annual revenue of Qualcomm in the United States comes from the Chinese market. If the state orders to prohibit domestic mobile phone manufacturers from buying Qualcomm chips, then the revenue of Qualcomm will decline in a large scale, and in serious cases, it will lead to the fall of Qualcomm to the altar and bankruptcy crisis. According to statistics, the sales volume of apple in the second quarter of this year reached 13 million units, up 62% year on year. With the east wind of the Chinese market, apple is also the only enterprise in the world to achieve large-scale growth in the shipment of intelligent machines under the epidemic situation. However, if our country intervenes to ban the sale of Apple mobile phones in the Chinese market, Apple will suffer a lot, because the Chinese market has become an integral part of Apple’s revenue. < / P > < p > there is no doubt that if Trump’s crackdown on Chinese science and technology enterprises is further upgraded, the United States will certainly not be able to retreat completely, because China is not inferior to the United States in terms of economy. Although American enterprises can design and manufacture the most advanced equipment and software, if there is no corresponding market to digest, it will be no different from scrap iron. 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