First attempt of new fan C1: beautiful and practical price, new home gas

In today’s environment, people’s requirements for indoor air are very strict, many people will take improving the indoor environment as a major matter to treat, but when they choose to buy fresh air fan or air purifier, there is a great deal of tangle, among which the big problem is that most families distribute fresh fans and air purifiers. < / P > < p > the fresh air fan is an air purification equipment, which adopts the initiative to change the indoor air to improve the indoor air: while discharging the indoor turbid air, while introducing the disinfected and sterilized outdoor air into the room, through high-tech means, ensure that every ray of air introduced into the room is healthy and pure, and can breathe fresh air even in haze days without windows. The air purifier uses the internal circulation method, using high-tech technology to filter or absorb the air pollutants and bacteria in the enclosed space of about 20 square meters around. In the process of use, the window should be opened regularly to replace the air, so as to avoid the occurrence of hypoxia. < / P > < p > as we all know, Xiaomi, as the main force of smart home, is excellent in smart home, and constantly develops new smart home. Combined with the current situation, Xiaomi’s ecological chain company, Zhimi technology, has launched a new type of Mijia fresh air fan C1, which can improve the indoor air for the current family with technology. < / P > < p > in fact, the installation of fresh air fan C1 is very easy. As mentioned above, the working principle of the wall mounted fresh air fan is very simple. The dirty gas is discharged from the room, and the fresh gas from the outside enters the room through treatment, which involves the transfer of air. Therefore, it is inevitable to drill holes in the wall or glass. In this case, experienced installers are very good important. < / P > < p > within three days after the fresh air fan is signed in, there will be a special installation master to help install the fresh air fan. We only need to select the use position of the fresh air fan, and the installation master will help to select the appropriate drilling position, install the fresh air duct, install the hanging version and fix the fresh air fan. Through simple four steps, you can use the fresh air fan on the same day, and let you feel it on the same day The charm of fresh air fan. < / P > < p > the fresh air fan C1 is specially designed for small houses, so in the appearance, the fresh air fan C1 is very small and exquisite, accounting for only 0.16 square meters of wall area, and the body thickness is only 13 cm, just like a backpack hanging on the wall, it is very small. < / P > < p > on the whole, the fresh air fan C1 adopts simple and generous white color. There is a small miyajia logo in the middle of the front, which marks the brand of the fresh air fan. In the lower right corner, there are touch keys, adjustable wind speed of the third gear, and parallel discharge of the filter element reminder indicator light, which gives people a feeling of medium gauge and moderate moment, without much surprise. < / P > < p > in the front of the fresh air fan, the front open filter box is adopted, and the filter box can be taken out with a slight pull, which makes it more convenient and simple to replace the filter element, and the primary filter screen can be disassembled and cleaned by itself, which can also effectively prevent the harmful substances such as catkins, hair, dust, and fine particles from entering the indoor air. < / P > < p > the full-automatic check valve is installed at the lower position of the fresh air fan, which can prevent back filling air, that is, the full-automatic check valve will be closed after shutdown, and the check valve is designed with stepped maple leaf, which can effectively prevent outdoor air from entering the equipment and enter the room, and can automatically open or close the valve according to the switch machine, without manual operation. < / P > < p > in terms of configuration, the fresh air fan C1 adopts two kinds of fans: Double centrifugal fan and DC brushless fan. The high-speed vertical rotation of the double centrifugal fan forms a strong fresh air power, while the high-quality DC brushless motor forms a new type of wind power with large twist rectangle. The two kinds of wind forces form each other, which makes the air pressure inside the house higher and forms “micro positive pressure”, which can effectively discharge harmful gases out of the room. The wind is so strong, but even if it runs continuously for 24 hours in the first gear, it only consumes 0.12 kwh of electricity. However, the outdoor air can only enter the room through multiple filtration. Firstly, hepa13 advanced filter material and medium efficiency filter screen can fully filter the larger particles in the air such as PM10 and sand dust, and effectively filter PM2.5 to improve the purification effect of high-efficiency filter screen, so as to achieve the effect of primary filtration, and then carry out deep purification through high-efficiency filter It can fully filter PM2.5, pollen and other absorbable particles in the air, and effectively filter small particles with particle size of 0.3 μ m and 0.1 μ M. the integrated design of medium / high efficiency filter can filter 0.3 μ m particles with an effect of more than 99.95%. < / P > < p > in the cold winter, the fresh air can turn on the electric auxiliary heating, so that the outdoor cold air can be evenly heated through the electric auxiliary heating, and the wind speed can be appropriately slowed down, so that the air entering the room is very warm, and fresh air can be enjoyed indoors all the year round. < / P > < p > in addition, the fresh air fan C1 can also be opened by mobile phone in advance before entering the house through Mijia app, Xiaoai schoolmate, or other smart home devices of Mijia, so as to have healthy air at home. In ordinary life, we can also set up daily use scenes remotely through Mijia app, which is very significant in intelligent design. < / P > < p > the noise in the process of use is a problem that many people are concerned about. However, in the process of use, I feel that the noise is very small. When used in a very quiet room, only the breath and sound are left. The new fan C1 adopts a dual channel flow path design, which is very smooth, efficient, and multi wing ventilation. It runs smoothly and reduces noise. It can replace the window ventilation and reduce the noise The outside noise is isolated. < / P > < p > the ventilation effect is also very significant. According to the test, the single bedroom of 9 square meters can be fully ventilated three times in an hour, the bedroom of 15 square meters can also achieve complete ventilation twice an hour, and the large bedroom of 25 square meters can achieve complete ventilation once an hour, which can effectively reduce the harmful components of indoor air and bring pure air to the home. < / P > < p > in general, this new air blower is very practical, and its appearance is simple, and any decoration can be easily controlled. Moreover, in the current fresh air fan, the price can be regarded as beautiful. By comparison, however, the price of 1000 is very exciting. Are you not going to move quickly? Skip to content

Author: zmhuaxia