First exposure of ZTE axon 205g real machine: screen without screen window

As shown in the figure, ZTE axon 205g hides the front camera under the screen, realizing a true full-scale screen without bangs, holes and water drops. < / P > < p > more importantly, ZTE axon 205g did not show “screen effect”. “Screen effect” refers to the inconsistent screen display effect, like a screen window opened in the front camera part. < / P > < p > according to the official introduction, ZTE’s off-screen camera has its own natural pixel arrangement technology. When the mobile phone needs to display or take pictures, the independent chip will convey the instructions to the driver circuit, and the driver circuit will pass the instructions to the pixels, so that the screen in the camera area under the screen can be displayed normally without taking pictures, and remain transparent when taking pictures. < p > < p > ZTE LV Qianhao said that the under screen camera is the most difficult to achieve light transmission enhancement and display enhancement, giving users amazing full screen shape and better self portrait. These two problems have been solved and innovated by our engineers and partners, and users are satisfied with the experience and meet the requirements of mass production. < / P > < p > in terms of core configuration, ZTE axon 205g adopts 6.92 inch OLED full screen, and is expected to carry 765G processors of Qualcomm snapdragon, with a maximum of 12gb memory, 32 million pixels in front, 64 million AI four cameras in the rear, and 4120 MAH battery. Science Discovery