Five practical skills for copywriters: it is suggested to have a look

Today, the old thief will recommend some copywriting methods to you. Good methods can not make you become a master directly, but can help you when you have a headache and can’t write it out. < / P > < p > these methods I will focus on several core points of copywriting: let users pay more attention to → make users easier to understand → let users read more smoothly → let users remember more deeply → make users more excited. Fortunately, there is a thing called hippocampus in the brain, which can automatically filter and filter the information we receive, filter out most of the information in front of us, and only let a few information enter the attention. < / P > < p > people will always care about their own information, but other content may not be. There are so many irrelevant things that he doesn’t have so much time to see them one by one. < / P > < p > imagine that you are in a noisy street, and the whole street is full of people coming and going. Other people shout “delicious pancakes” and “don’t miss passing by”. You may be attracted occasionally. < / P > < p > therefore, no matter what kind of copywriting, we can first highlight the “I” related, multi output information in the user’s attention circle, or scenes related to interests. < / P > < p > for example, many copywriters will deliberately create a character image, tell a story similar to the experience of the target group, so that users will feel “this is not me?” The result is a high degree of involvement. < / P > < p > some people will highlight the labels of the corresponding population’s region, age, gender, occupation, social identity, etc. on the copy, so that users can know at a glance that this information is related to “I”. < / P > < p > typical is the popular content of illustrated articles in the past two years, such as the 2019 urban anxiety map, the 2019 Spring Festival high-speed rail map, and the Baiziwan women’s guide, etc. all of them have insight into the living conditions of different groups, find common points related to “I”, and then use one real scene to attract attention and trigger resonance. < / P > < p > that is to say, your copywriting subverts cognition through unconventional description of a well-known cognition of the user, forming a contrast with his expectation. < / P > < p > this contrast will make the original plain statement more ups and downs. An unexpected and reasonable expression will also arouse users’ curiosity. For example, < / P > < p > for example, < / P > < p > for example, when you are wondering why you don’t read a magazine, he immediately tells you to stay an intern all your life. It’s a lot better than talking straight. < / P > < p > maybe a word, there are various ways of expression in your head, there are many wonderful rhetoric, there are a lot of strange knowledge points… < / P > < p > there is a concept called “the curse of knowledge”, which means that when you get some knowledge, you can hardly imagine the situation when others do not know this knowledge. Especially when writing copywriting, I always feel that this common sense should be known by others, and they need not introduce it; they should also understand the professional concept. < / P > < p > you can understand it as the amount of information conveyed to the target user in the copy. A lot of copywriting can’t look down, not necessarily because of the poor quality, but also because it has too much information. < / P > < p > when there are enough knowledge points in your copy to provide users with some new information, its readability is positively correlated with information density. But when there are too many knowledge points and too difficult to understand, the information density is too high, and its readability will be very poor. < p > < p > 1. Embedding gold sentences — adding some gold sentences into the copywriting can not only reach the user’s emotional point, but also increase the information density of the copywriting, which is not so dull. < / P > < p > 3. Introduce new information: if you want to sell rice, you should first create a sense of hunger. Especially those new things that users don’t know but want to know, this is the important information. < / P > < p > 5. Creating conflict — the unconventional interpretation of a user’s well-known cognition mentioned above is also improving the information density. … < / P > < p > 2. Describing details – a pile of vague and abstract information is difficult for users to establish cognition. And the more details, the easier it is to read. < p > < p > 5. Tell more stories – tell your own stories and the stories around you. Stories really have the power to bring people into the scene. He will listen to you attentively. Use more verbs and specific nouns – verbs are the most likely to make users come up with pictures in their mind, so are specific nouns. Don’t use adjectives all the time, which will only make the complicated copy more insensitive. … < / P > < p > before you start to write a copy, you must know what the real core requirements of the demander are and what purpose you want your copy to achieve. This is the first thing to do. < / P > < p > then you need to plan the entry point and overall logic of this copywriting based on this core requirement and the insight of users. This is the wind vane. All elements of your copywriting should be promoted around this point. < / P > < p > many people have no logic when they write a copy. They don’t know what they want to achieve or even what they are talking about when they finish writing. What is the context of your copywriting? How do you prepare to advance to your goal? What is the logical structure of your whole content? Can it be linked together? What emotions are you going to mobilize? How to transfer? What is the purpose of each of your big paragraphs? Is it helpful or unnecessary to promote the goal? … < / P > < p > a copywriter is like an architect. Once you think clearly about every step of building a building and build a clear logic, the rest is to build it step by step. < / P > < p > in a word, when writing a copy, keep asking yourself, what reaction will users have when they see this, what behaviors they will make, and will they meet your expectations? < / P > < p > predict the problems that users may have in the process of looking at the copy, and then answer them and solve the problems. According to this logic, the user’s possible questions are eliminated in advance and his reading obstacles are eliminated. < / P > < p > everyone must have a sense of rhythm when reading the copy, and the copywriter should grasp this rhythm in the process of writing, so that users can read more smoothly. < / P > < p > copywriting is for people to see, so you must have your own imaginary object. You feel that TA is sitting in front of you, and you are telling TA what you want to say. < / P > < p > in the process, you will naturally realize that you should use the simplest and most understandable words, because no one speaks face-to-face with high sounding words. Mr. Murakami has a good way to think of writing as telling a story in a cave, where people sit around a campfire and listen to his story for a long night. < / P > < p > he also imagines people’s expressions when listening to stories, questions that may be asked, and so on, so as to ensure that there is someone in front of him, rather than not talking to himself. < / P > < p > for a person with no relevant background knowledge, professional explanation over and over will only make him totally unable to find the north, let alone memory. < / P > < p > at this time, a very useful trick is to use the other party’s existing familiar things to relate new things, so that it will be easier to understand and remember. The figurative figure of speech is actually to describe abstract, profound and unfamiliar things and principles with concrete, simple and familiar things and principles according to the similarities of things. < p > < p > for example, Freddy birdy, an Indian copywriter, called on everyone to spend some time with the elderly. The comparison of loneliness to arthritis is not a simple rhetoric, but a profound insight. For the elderly, arthritis, a chronic disease, will not cause death, but will bring long-term suffering, but in fact, loneliness is also the same. < / P > < p > for example, if you want to introduce a product, as a professional copywriter, you should understand the product from the beginning to the end, know every detail, and then you can really write the details to impress users. < / P > < p > I often refer to the products of the world’s culture and urge people to read more books. At that time, Taiwan’s economy was developing rapidly. Every day, there were many stories about getting rich overnight. Everyone was eager to work, socialize and socialize, but they couldn’t settle down to study. However, the copywriters do not directly advocate people to read more books, but tell the familiar scenes of social intercourse among many people. Some people are confident, knowledgeable, talkative and full of charm. And his head is empty, can’t put in a word at all. < / P > < p > when people recognize things, they like to compare. A good reference, can let the user quickly remember something, product core features and so on. < / P > < p > use envelope as reference, highlight the characteristics of notebook, throw the target information that you want to express into the user’s brain, and then come to the conclusion: it’s really thin. < / P > < p > If copywriting evokes a certain desire of the user, it is more likely to make people excited. Whitman has summed up eight basic human desires: < / P > < p > although the world is busy, there are always people living poetically. Most people always know how to make themselves more comfortable and hope to live better. < / P > < p > we like flowers. Flowerplus tells you that it costs you a cup of coffee to spend once a week to experience the feeling of flowers lighting up life; < / P > < p > they will also use exaggerated expressions to tell you how delicious the food is. They use extreme shooting techniques to make the food color and taste complete, and the detailed copy description makes you salivate at a glance. Similarly, if we can avoid a certain scene or result that we have been afraid of, we are more willing to do it. Everyone wants to get out of the current situation of disgust and pain. < / P > < p > don’t talk about the color change of sex, but don’t do it for the sake of sex. Nowadays, what makes people tired is not sex, but the rough understanding and utilization of sex. If you want to write it skillfully, you should write it skillfully. < p > < p > in 1954, Marilyn Monroe said, “I only wear Chanel No. 5 in my dream”, which made Chanel No. 5 a synonym for sexuality. At that time, it caused a sensation and stirred the hearts of countless men and women, and then countless imitators. Last year, McDonald’s summer copywriter put the word “languid” into a new meaning and wrote out the comfort of summer. It is also to create a sense of comfortable life. No matter the old or the young, the man or the woman, the successful person or the loser, one of the indispensable things among people is comparison. < p > < p > for example, the classic advertisement of Royal Chivas is made by Neil French, the great copywriter. He confidently told the public that Chivas was different and ordinary people could not afford it. There is an interesting effect in economics. When people buy things, they always like to make excuses for themselves, saying that this is to pay for their families, and then it will be easier to complete the purchase. < / P > < p > If a person feels that others have paid a lot or even made sacrifices for him, but he has paid little or owed something, then he will want to do something to compensate others for his peace of mind. < / P > < p > so your copywriter can ponder over who has been there