Five real wireless Bluetooth headset recommended evaluation, 200-2000, I’ll tell you which one to buy

The fast pace of life is essential for almost everyone in the city. For people who like running and fitness, wearing Bluetooth headset and listening to dynamic music is very enjoyable. Therefore, it is very important to have a good quality TWS wireless Bluetooth headset.

firstly, the secondary encoding problem during Bluetooth transmission limits the integrity of audio files. As we all know, the audio decoding of Bluetooth headset is mainly divided into SBC, AAC, aptx, LDAC, lhac, the following is a brief introduction.

1. SBC is the most basic common decoding method. Bluetooth headsets support 44KHz / 16bit audio. The highest bit rate is 328kbps and the delay is about 220ms, so the sound quality is average.

2. AAC is a common decoding method for Apple products. It is similar to SBC. It supports 44KHz / 16bit audio, with a maximum code rate of 512Kbps and a delay of about 100ms. The sound quality is slightly better than SBC.

3. Aptx is a patent of Qualcomm. It supports 48Khz / 16bit audio, with a maximum bit rate of 352kbps and a delay of about 40ms. The sound quality of aptx is better than that of SBC, but it is not improved much compared with SBC.

4. LDAC is the true high-quality decoding, produced by Sony. It supports 96KHz / 24bit audio, with the highest bit rate of 990kbps, close to lossless decoding.

the second is the limitation of the sound generating unit. Because TWS earphones need to put batteries, circuit boards, antennas and other necessary components in the cavity, there is not enough space left for the acoustic part. Therefore, most of the products on the market are single moving coil or single acting iron products.

Finally, tuning is the key. Making a sound that can satisfy the fans under limited conditions is bound to test the acoustic strength of the manufacturer. I believe that all fans have their own favorite voice.

if the above three aspects are well configured, the sound quality will be better naturally. You can refer to it when you choose Bluetooth headset. Here we will introduce five kinds of home-made wireless Bluetooth headsets with excellent sound quality.

the music pods wireless Bluetooth headset supports Bluetooth 5.0 chip. The transmission distance is four times higher than that of the previous version, and the connection is more stable. It also has an 8mm high fidelity stereo speaker and synchronous vibration graphene unit, which provides better resolution for the headset. Whether you like classical or pop music, you can easily hold it. In addition, chip level EQ modulation and cavity optimization are also included, 30 rounds of full band tuning, more outstanding in music processing, perfect restore live sound quality.

Netease cloud music customized music pods have no key operation, instead of the mobile phone key broadcast control, you only need to touch the headset to complete the music switching and call status. In terms of delay, the king of chicken can operate stably without pressure and can hardly feel the delay. The one button game mode improves the use experience of the game. By shortening the data buffer time and speeding up the data transmission speed, the full link delay from voice generation to sound reception is as low as 0.04 seconds, which is 42.9% lower than that of the ordinary Bluetooth 5.0 chip, and 81.8% lower than that of the ordinary Bluetooth 4.2 chip. It further improves the connection stability and reaches the leading level of the game Bluetooth headset industry, which can be called the peak work of game Bluetooth headset The industry, design, tuning, material selection, etc. are all built in accordance with the standard of high-end Bluetooth headset of 1000 yuan. It is the most cost-effective flagship game Bluetooth headset in 1000 yuan!

with the support of optimized chips, noise reduction has been greatly improved. With high-definition noise reduction technology, telephone calls: dual microphone + DSP noise reduction chip + HFP protocol optimization to filter the call noise; wechat call: deeply customize A2DP Bluetooth protocol to achieve clearer communication effect than telephone.

Click VC uses 18650 large capacity lithium batteries and dual host flash connected chips. The waterproof level is as high as IP66. In addition, it has become the popular model of the new generation of true wireless headphones in 2020, which is loved by many people.

in terms of sound quality, the headphones are designed with titanium film speakers. The main characteristics of titanium film are: titanium coating on the diaphragm, the advantages are strong sound penetration and metal sense, small distortion, and good performance for music with strong rhythm. In terms of noise reduction, CVC is used to reduce the call noise, which makes the call clearer.

click tone VC wireless Bluetooth headset adopts the mainstream Bluetooth version 5.0. The powerful chip enables the data transmission distance to be further, and the connection is more stable. Moreover, the operation has replaced the mobile phone button broadcast control by 100%. You only need to touch the headset to complete the music switching and call status. Battery capacity: 50mah * 2 + 2400mAh, single endurance time of 8 hours, and reverse charging for mobile phone. It is a sports Bluetooth headset with perfect performance and price.

a single headset is only 2.2cm, smaller than a coin, lighter than paper, comfortable and convenient to wear. In order to adapt to the color requirements of some people, there are five colors available for the click tone VC, each of which is very dynamic, and the color value is completely re line.

this Bluetooth headset is available in black, midnight blue with lime yellow, bright orange with midnight blue, and a charging box for storage. The earphones on both sides have detachable earmuffs and wings, which are soft and light. Despite its sweat and rain resistant design, IPx4 rating means it’s not completely waterproof, so don’t wear it when swimming.

in terms of sound quality performance, Bose soundsport free continues Bose’s consistent full tone tuning, and thanks to volume optimization and equalization technology, the headset can maintain a full and low-frequency listening feeling no matter at any volume. This performance also makes Bose soundsport free easy to control whether it is pop music or rock music.

Bose soundsport free has up to 5 hours of battery life, and the portable charging box can also provide an additional 10 hours of power replenishment, which can basically meet our daily needs.

airpods can provide decent bass and crisp treble, but unlike most in ear models, it has a sealed ear canal environment. On the contrary, you can hear the outside world, and the low frequency effect may not meet your expectations. Still, within this price range, you get a product with the latest technology, not a headset with the best sound quality.

as for sports, the headset does not have a specific [IPX rating], but it can withstand a small amount of moisture, such as sweat from exercise, or walk gracefully in the rain – just don’t wear them in the shower or in the pool.

the sound quality is not the strength of airpods. The bass is a little dull, but for pop music, it can be bought and controlled. If you don’t look at the sound quality and you’re looking for portability and overall comfort, it’s a good choice.

jaybird run is available in two colors: black and white, but the color selection is limited to the flat top cover on the back of the earplug. Both versions of the earplug cover are black. The cover is printed with a silver jaybird logo. The inlaid border is like a silver ring, and the wireless antenna is inside the ring.

jaybird run has the most representative low-frequency sound tuning of sports earphones. Unlike the pop music tuning of traditional earphones, jaybird pays more attention to rhythm and rhythm in low-frequency tuning, rather than the brainless low-frequency bombardment The control of run in the low-frequency part is quite relaxed, and the depth and elasticity of the low-frequency part are general. It has a “heart strengthening needle” role in the rhythm driving of the whole music. There are some details about the voice of the medium frequency part, especially in some guitar solo aspects.

for the earphones shared above, you can choose according to your actual needs. Which one do you like better? Let’s talk about your opinion!

Author: zmhuaxia