Five years of fruit powder: other people are going to use the iPhone 12, and I’m just starting to use the iPhone 8p

At present, the proportion of Chinese Apple users holding iPhones launched in two years is slightly higher than 68%, 8% higher than last year and more than 20% higher than that in 2017. In view of the data given by Da Mo, I think it is very referential, because there are many friends who use Apple iPhone 6S. < p > < p > now, although the iPhone 6S users are called Apple’s “nail holders”, from another perspective, it also shows two problems: first, the performance of the iPhone is really strong enough that the iPhone 6S launched in 2015 is still in use. Second, the operating experience of IOS system can indeed meet the needs of users who are not very big. It is precisely because of such factors that a good friend of the author recently said this in his heart: other people are going to use iphone12, and I have just started to use iphone8p. < / P > < p > in fact, when he said this, we also made fun of him. We thought that he had been a fruit powder for five years, but he didn’t have any “courage” – in theory, as long as Apple released a new product, apple powder should choose to start at the first time, instead of using the iPhone 8p until August 2020. < / P > < p > in addition, according to his words, other people are really going to use the iPhone 12. After all, apple is about to launch a new iPhone 12 this fall. Moreover, from the time point of view, it is only two months before the launch of the new iPhone 12 series. < / P > < p > first of all, under daily circumstances, the demand for smart phones is not as strong as that of some heavy mobile phone users. In fact, there are many consumers who use smartphones, even apple iPhones, simply to keep in touch with the outside world. < / P > < p > and if you want entertainment, choose the iPad with a larger screen. Therefore, if you pay a little attention, you will find that although some people hold the iPhone 8p, they will not be stingy in the choice of smart devices such as iPad and airpods. < p > < p > from this point, we can actually understand the heart of five years of fruit powder. After all, when the demand for mobile phones is not strong, it is more than enough to use the iPhone 8p now, and there is no problem to meet the use scenarios. < / P > < p > secondly, the core hardware configuration and the “full support” of IOS system make old models like the iPhone 8p still have “high morale”. Frankly, thanks to apple. < / P > < p > on the one hand, the “tacit cooperation” between the hardware and software of Apple mobile phone has really brought the real strength of the two into full play. So even if many people use the old iPhone, they can still run smoothly. < / P > < p > on the other hand, Apple’s upgrade strategy for the old iPhone models, to a large extent, takes into account the user experience. As mentioned above, at present, Apple users in China hold slightly more than 68% of the iPhone launched in two years. This means that the stock of iPhone users in the Chinese market is very large. So what should apple do? < / P > < p > it is obvious that only by allowing the latest version of IOS to continue to support the updating of old models can old iPhone users be retained and even stimulated to change iPhones. However, the five-year apple fan user mentioned above is an exception, but it is worth noting that he changed from iPhone 6S to iPhone 8p not long ago, which also benefited from Apple’s IOS system upgrade strategy. The author thinks that even apple can’t avoid the phenomenon of more and more stock users under the premise of smartphone performance surplus. In other words, things like “someone else is going to use the iPhone 12, and I’m just starting to use the iPhone 8p” often happens. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year