Fixed focus or zoom, long focus or wide angle? Novice photographer must know this before choosing lens!

Introduction to photography: how to select the lens and what is the effect of different focal segments? I believe that many novice photographers are concerned about these problems. The following author will explain them to you.

it’s very simple to distinguish a focus lens from a zoom lens. Just look at the digital logo on the lens. There is only one number for the fixed focus lens and two numbers for the zoom lens

wide angle lens: the focal length of the lens is less than 50 mm, which is more suitable for shooting large scenes, such as landscape, architecture, etc.

standard lens: the focal length of the lens is about 50 mm. This kind of lens can basically shoot anything. Novice photographers can use it to improve their observation ability.

medium and long focus lens: the focal length of the lens is between 50-135mm, which includes the focal segments commonly used by photography lovers, such as 50mm, 85mm, 135mm.

telephoto lens: the focal length of the lens is greater than 200 mm. 200-300 mm is called telephoto lens, which is suitable for close-up and stage shooting; it is also called super long focus lens larger than 400 mm, which is suitable for shooting sports, birds, wild animals, etc.

special lens: for example, the macro lens is used to show the local details of things; the fisheye lens is an extreme wide-angle lens, which will produce distortion and is more suitable for elevating the sense of space in the picture.

it can be seen from the following figure: Generally speaking, the shorter the focal length, the wider the viewing angle, the farther the subject appears; the longer the focal length, the narrower the viewing angle, the closer the subject appears.

Author: zmhuaxia