Flagship double shot self timer vivo S7 gives you fast shooting and stable experience

With the evolution of 5g smart ecology, social sharing represented by self shooting, short video and live broadcast has become an important lifestyle of modern people. In the process of social sharing, shooting and sharing are equally important. The former requires a high degree of professionalism in the shooting of mobile phones, while the latter puts forward strict requirements for the stability of mobile phone network connection. Among the recently released models, vivo S7, which is positioned as “5g lightweight self portrait flagship”, is quite strong in shooting, and even supports shooting 4K / 60fps video. This also means that users may have a large number of shooting materials need to use the data network for transmission. What is the stability of the 5g network of vivo S7? Let’s actually understand and test it. < / P > < p > in terms of hardware, vivo S7 is equipped with snapdragon 765G 5g mobile platform and built-in snapdragon X52 baseband chip, which can take into account both millimeter wave and sub-6 5g solutions. Among them, in the millimeter wave scheme, the snapdragon X52 baseband can be connected through 2×2 MIMO for high-speed network connection; in the sub-6 scheme, the snapdragon X52 baseband can be connected with a narrow bandwidth of 100MHz through 4×4 MIMO, expanding the 5g network connection range of mobile phones and ensuring the stability of network connection. Under ideal network connection conditions, the peak 5g downlink speed of snapdragon X52 baseband can reach 3.7gbps and 5g peak uplink speed can also reach 1.6gbps. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that snapdragon X52 baseband can also provide powerful integrated 5g network support worldwide. With the support of snapdragon X52 baseband chip, vivo S7 can support SA / NSA 5g dual-mode networking and mainstream frequency bands such as N1 / N3 / n41 / n77 / N78 / N79. In addition, vivo S7 also has an omni-directional antenna system, using multi-mode antenna, side distributed antenna, hpue technology and 4×4 MIMO technology to provide stable 5g network connection. < / P > < p > among them, the multi-mode antenna can improve the internal space utilization rate of the mobile phone through FPC design; hpue technology can improve the signal penetration and enhance the network speed in the area with poor signal; combined with multi network scene optimization, the uplink speed can be increased by 30%; 4X4 MIMO multiple antenna technology can improve the signal receiving ability and reduce the game delay; the side antenna distribution can adapt to the game scene of horizontal grip, which can make the signal more stable during horizontal screen game. At the same time, vivo S7 also optimizes 5g network for many special scenarios. In the scenario of unstable signal connection and network congestion such as elevator, high-speed rail, basement and conference, vivo S7 can connect the network quickly and significantly reduce the network delay. When connecting to the wireless network, vivo S7 can also connect Wi Fi signals of 2.4GHz and 5GHz at the same time, upload and download at the same time, and ensure the stability of network connection through double Wi Fi superposition. Therefore, the 5g network connection ability of vivo S7 is quite hard core. < / P > < p > next, we will actually test the actual performance of vivo S7 when connecting to 5g network. First of all, we turn on the 5g network switch of vivo S7, and turn off the 5g intelligent power saving option. We choose professional network speed testing tools to test the transmission speed of vivo S7 under 5g network conditions. The measured vivo S7 can reach the level of 499mbps downlink, 101mbps uplink and 2ms jitter under 5g network, and the overall performance is quite excellent. < / P > < p > then, we open the professional network testing tool to test the delay of accessing Baidu under 5g network. In 5g network, the highest delay of vivo S7 is 50.30ms, the lowest delay is 11.90ms, and the average delay is 31MS, which has a significant advantage of low delay. < / P > < p > in order to test the actual performance of vivo S7 in 5g download, we use 5g network to download peace elite in the app store and turn on the network speed monitoring. We can see that the download speed of 5g network is about 47.53mb/s. < / P > < p > finally, we choose and color cloud disk to upload a 2.47gb movie. And Caiyun network disk is free, which can accurately restore the data transmission and sharing efficiency of vivo S7 under 5g network. When vivo S7 transmits a 1080p resolution movie with a resolution of nearly 3gb using Heyun network disk, the upload rate is 1.90mb/s, while the download rate is as high as 61.79mb/s. It takes less than one minute to download the movie, and it is necessary to transmit 4K / 60fps short video materials, which can fully meet the basic needs of social sharing. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that vivo S7 also has corresponding 5g network advanced setting options. In terms of network speed, users can give priority to the front-end applications or download processes, and the network path can be set as balanced adjustment or no adjustment, among which the balanced adjustment is equivalent to the “5g power saving mode” of other models. If you want to save traffic or power, you can turn on balance adjustment. These two options support intelligent adjustment options, which can balance network performance and energy-saving requirements, and help users avoid the tedious process of manual switching. < / P > < p > from the above measured results, vivo S7 5g network connection speed is very fast, and can adapt to a variety of 5g network environment, give full play to the hardware potential, and bring high-speed and stable 5g network connection. This complements vivo S7’s excellent pre filming capability. Whether it is taking photos, shooting video clips, webcast or mobile remote cooperation, users can realize instant sharing anytime and anywhere with high-quality network transmission. This is very helpful for video creators and friends who like to share their lives. < / P > < p > of course, the 5g network connectivity potential of vivo S7 is much more than that. For example, the recently popular Microsoft xcloud cloud game can take advantage of the high-speed transmission and low delay characteristics of 5g network, and can make full use of the characteristics of high-speed transmission and low latency of the 5g network With S7, users can not only stream 3A masterpieces on their mobile phones anytime and anywhere, but also capture, edit and share the classic operations and interesting moments in the game in real time. 5g S7 can play a more and more powerful role with the use of 5g network. If you are interested in the 5g network transmission function of vivo S7, you can buy one and enjoy the fun of 5g self portrait flagship. Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine