Flying crane rising to the cloud and joining hands with Alibaba cloud to refresh the digital height of China’s dairy industry

On August, Heyun, the leader of domestic infant milk powder, reached the largest cooperation with Alibaba cloud in China. The two sides will further carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of new retail, pan e-commerce and smart logistics, so as to jointly create a new retail industry benchmark leading the future business model. This cooperation marks a new stage of digital transformation of Feihe, which is of great significance to the digital and intelligent transformation of China’s dairy industry and even the whole manufacturing industry. < p > < p > Alibaba Group Chairman Zhang Yong and China flying crane chairman Leng Youbin signed a strategic cooperation contract with Alibaba cloud in China. Now Alibaba cloud is a leading cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology company in the world, providing services to enterprises, developers and government agencies in more than 200 countries and regions, and has rich experience in digital transformation. Feihe is a leading enterprise of infant milk powder in China. It is in the forefront of the industry in terms of industrial cluster construction, product technology research and development, and enterprise digital transformation. In 2019, Feihe took the lead in reaching cooperation with Alibaba cloud, launched the first data platform construction project in the industry, and put it into full operation on the marketing side. In the same year, Feihe became the partner of Alibaba A100 and was a true pioneer of new retail exploration. In order to further play the role of the engine of digital economy, Feihe has become the highest level strategic partner of Alibaba cloud in 2020. Both sides started the construction of supply chain side business and business middle platform project of data middle platform, and opened a new milestone of new retail benchmark in digital construction. In today’s world, with the rapid development of science and technology and industrial revolution, the development of digital economy ushers in a period of strategic opportunities. Accelerating the integration of digital technology and traditional industries is an important measure to promote the transformation of economic development from factor driven to innovation driven, and to achieve high-quality development of China’s economy. Flying crane, with a high degree of sensitivity, has actively grasped the development opportunities of digitization, networking and intelligence, explored new technologies, new formats and new models, and has gone out a new path of transformation and upgrading. < / P > < p > in order to achieve the digital goal of full business, whole process and full contact, Feihe has formulated a set of “3 + 2 + 2” strategic planning, that is, taking intelligent manufacturing, ERP system construction and intelligent office as its core competence, and taking data platform and business platform as unified support to support the development of new retail and intelligent supply chain. In recent years, flying crane’s digital strategy has been advancing steadily. From the completion of global architecture and initialization, to iterative data platform and deepening application, and then to comprehensively promoting the intelligent application of data, flying crane has realized the digital operation from internal management, market planning, global marketing to logistics supply. < p > < p > from left to right are Liang Aimei, vice president of China flying crane; Leng Youbin, chairman of China flying crane; a < / P > < p > for infant milk powder enterprises with a long industrial chain, a successful digital transformation should not only cover the enterprise itself, but also include upstream and downstream partners into the system “Digital ecosystem” of industrial symbiosis. This time, Alibaba cloud will make full use of its technical capabilities, including but not limited to big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc., and integrate the business resources of Alibaba group, tmall and ant technology of the whole group to help Feihe realize the digital transformation of full link from the aspects of brand, product, logistics, channel and marketing. On this basis, Feihe will further solve the problem of internal data circulation, break through the data barriers between upstream and downstream partners, build a digital ecosystem that can mutually empower each other, grow and develop together with partners, and create more diversified and differentiated value creation channels for China’s dairy industry. < p > < p > Science and technology is a powerful weapon for a country. The country depends on it to be strong, the enterprise depends on it to win, and the people’s life depends on it to be good. If China wants to be strong and the Chinese people live a better life, it must have strong science and technology. Infant formula milk powder, as the industry with the highest technology content in dairy industry, must firmly hold the nose of technological innovation. Feihe has always been a strong R & D force. It has not only built a scientific research platform in four places of the two countries together with Harvard University, but also established China’s first dairy Engineering academician workstation together with Academician Zhu Beiwei. Together with the dairy industry innovation team of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Feihe has established the “Feihe infant formula whole industry chain innovation center”, which can accurately meet the needs of breast milk, infant physique and different physique needs in China Nutrition and other aspects have a profound scientific research foundation. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that the data center of Feihe not only supports the front line, but also feeds back the data of end customers to the middle platform, thus supporting the innovation and development of more new products. In addition, digitization also improves the value of front-end raw material research and development. For example, flying crane studies soil, seeds, forage and other fields to make the source of milk supply safer and healthier. All these require flying crane to extend the data chain and form a data system in the digital strategic layout. The full link digital cooperation between Feihe and Alibaba cloud will help the whole industrial chain to form a complete scientific research data system, improve the interoperability value of scientific research achievements in various links of the industrial cluster, and make the existing scientific research and innovation chain burst out more powerful potential energy. With the vision of refining and strengthening infant formula milk powder with digital technology, Feihe will further build the scientific research foundation of “more suitable for Chinese baby’s constitution”, continuously consolidate the core competitiveness of domestic milk powder, and let Chinese people hold the bottle of Chinese baby more tightly. < / P > < p > the vigorous development of Internet, cloud computing, big data, 5g and other new technologies is injecting new momentum into the real economy. Deepening the integration of dairy industry and cloud computing and other cutting-edge technologies is the key to improve the competitiveness of China’s dairy industry in the digital environment. Flying crane conforms to the trend of the times and cooperates with Alibaba cloud to accelerate the digital transformation and upgrading. Undoubtedly, it is on the road from “manufacturing” to “intelligent manufacturing”. It is believed that the digital transformation of Feihe will bring better products and services to consumers and inject strong innovation power into the high-quality development of China’s dairy industry. Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo