Folding screen is more user-friendly? Samsung new mobile phone or folding screen mobile phone

Folding screen mobile phones are no longer new. At present, there are some folding screen mobile phone products on the market. However, due to the cost reasons, the folding screen mobile phone products usually have a relatively high price. Generally, the starting price is higher than the “super large cup” products of brand flagship machine, which makes people “flinch”. However, this phenomenon may usher in a turning point. It is understood that Samsung’s new product has passed the Wi Fi alliance certification, and the product model is sm-f415f / DS. According to the named model, the product may be a folding screen product. Samsung’s F series are usually folding screen products. For example, the model of Samsung’s folding screen product Z flip 5g is sm-f707b, and the model of fold is sm-f9000. It can be seen that the F series may be Samsung’s folding screen product, and the f415f / DS is likely to be a middle end folding screen product. < / P > < p > some clues can be seen from the certification of Wi Fi alliance. The product does not support 802.11ax, that is, the product does not support Wi Fi 6 function. From this aspect, it can be seen that the product may have a low positioning in configuration. Lower positioning is likely to bring lower prices, perhaps folding screen flagship machine “Super Cup” starting price will change. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!