Forbes released tiktok’s top seven online celebrities with the highest annual revenue of $5 million

There is an app that President trump hates, but the following social media gurus post short videos on it, earning at least $1 million each. < / P > < p > tiktok is a popular social media application owned by Chinese enterprises. Last weekend, President trump threatened to ban tiktok. Soon after, Addison Rae Easterling, 19, started with his strengths and sent a short video, imagining life without tiktok: returning to Louisiana State University to continue studying. Last year, she entered the University as a freshman, majoring in journalism and broadcasting. < / P > < p > there are millions of teenagers who post funny dance videos on tiktok. Although Easterling is one of them, it is also different from others – she has become the highest paid tiktok online star. Last year, Easterling’s revenue was estimated to be $5 million – 54.1 million fans contributed, as did the new item beauty cosmetics brand and the partnership agreements with American Eagle and spotify. Easterling said, “I can be today, just by tiktok.” The final attribution of < / P > < p > tiktok is still uncertain. But one thing is certain: in terms of making money through tiktok, few people can surpass Addison Rae and six other young Internet Celebrities. Today, for the first time, Forbes launched the tiktok online red list. Online celebrities on the list created a hot video. In the 12-month period to June, their income reached at least $1 million. Now, they have just begun their journey to get the popularity of the website, mainly through selling personal brand products and creating sponsorship content for brands such as Sony, chipotle and Revlon. < / P > < p > a year ago, Easterling entered Louisiana State University. She participated in dance competitions as a child, and now she has posted some dance videos on tiktok. By autumn, Easterling is already hot. She clearly remembers the day when she had a million fans – October 27. At that time, she would be recognized on campus. “When I went to the classroom, I was surprised that someone would call my name,” Easterling recalled The younger boys and girls also invite her to take a picture when the school holds a rugby match. < p > < p > that fall, Easterling launched its first sponsorship, sponsored by fashion nova, an online women’s clothing store. In December, Easterling left the campus and went to Los Angeles to work as a full-time online celebrity. He made friends with several tiktok online celebrities to help establish the hype house. The latter is a group of content creators who have contributed to further enhancing the popularity of Easterling. Business opportunities follow. At first it was a typical project. Easterling launched its own branded products and was sponsored by Reebok and Daniel Wellington, a watch company, to create content for its brand. These two parts account for two-thirds of her estimated income. < p > < p > in July, Easterling became the world’s leading spokesperson for American Eagle, a youth clothing company. Her figure appeared in digital media, traditional television media and print advertising. In the same month, she began hosting podcasts on spotify with her mother, Sheri Nicole, with a weekly episode titled “mom knows best.”.. Easterling and madeby, a beauty start-up, launched the cosmetics brand item beauty. The brand will launch its first batch of products next week, including bronze powder, eyeshadow, high gloss, and $14 Lash Snack, which can be seen as a pearl in every category. Easterling explains: “it is a mascara and contains castor oil, which is good for eyelashes.” < / P > < p > in June 2019, Charli d’amelio posted for the first time in tiktok. Last summer and autumn, several of her dance videos were popular. Soon after, singer Bebe Rexha invited Charli to give the opening performance of Jonas Brothers at the Buckley center in Brooklyn. < / P > < p > after this performance, Charli d’amelio began to move quickly along the star road. She left her hometown in Newark, Connecticut, and moved to Los Angeles. She was invited to be a guest on “Tonight Show” hosted by Jimmy Fallon, represented Prada at Paris fashion week, and recorded the journey on tiktok. She signed endorsement agreements with companies such as EOS cosmetics company and participated in the Super Bowl advertisement of Sabra chickpea paste. She and her sister Dixie often work with hype house to produce videos. The sisters have announced that they have agreed to act as the spokesperson for Hollister. In May, Charli celebrated her 16th birthday in the typical way of young Internet Celebrities – her Charli branded product launched a limited pullover, priced at $60, with pictures of her wearing glasses and a birthday crown. < / P > < p > Dixie is Charli d’amelio’s sister, and their fame is closely linked. Both sisters left home to live in Los Angeles and appeared in each other’s tiktok videos. Dixie has 32 million fans on tiktok. In the past few months, the sisters have signed cooperation agreements with Hollister, a clothing company, and Morphe, a cosmetics company. In addition, Dixie is developing her own music career, releasing her first single “happy point” in June. The single, which was streamed 58 million times, became the most popular video on YouTube when it was released, outperforming the MV released by Kayne West and Travis Scott on the same day. < p > < p > Loren Gray said that the talent manager he met at first was not good, which misled her and ruined some early endorsement opportunities. So she decided to make her own decision. “If you want to talk about how to build Loren Gray’s brand and how to play the role of Loren gray, it’s Loren gray who knows the most about the situation,” she said in an interview There is no agent, manager or PR publicity in this interview, which can be described as the embodiment of her independent spirit. < / P > < p > at present, this spirit has brought her success. In 2018, Loren gray started working with Virgin Records and has since released eight singles. By the spring of this year, she had the largest fan base in tiktok, so she won the cooperation of SKECHERS, Hyundai, Burger King and other brands. Currently, she is focusing on her newly acquired Revlon collaboration project, creating content for the company’s tiktok account and publishing Revlon sponsored content in her own account. Gray explained that the longest tiktok video is 60 seconds, but “it’s not just a 60 second performance as requested by others, but there’s a lot of creative elements in it. They are very flexible and give me a lot of freedom to create. ” < p > < p > Josh Richards says that to get the most out of fame, “you have to set up a company or take a stake in it. Net red should learn how to realize correctly < / P > < p > of course, Josh Richards made a lot of money in tiktok’s traditional way – he signed sponsorship agreements with Reebok and houseparty, had advertising revenue on youtube, and had a song writing agreement with Warner records. At the same time, he also established talent management company talentx and the beverage brand ani energy. Josh Richards also joined the top management of tiktok’s smaller rival, Triller, as Chief Strategic Officer and acquired a stake in the company. < / P > < p > now, Josh Richards is positioning himself as a thoughtful media executive. It’s quite different from his previous image – originally, he was Tik tok’s idol, taking the bad boy route. Living near Toronto, Canada, he moved to tiktok last year and quickly became popular with dance, songs and lip synching videos. Richards also said that the reason why he was able to get angry was because of the establishment of “impatient teenagers”. He had a problem with other online celebrities on social media, but he made it hot himself. In addition, he co founded the tiktok community sway house, which is known for its gatherings and quirks. Recently, Richards left the group’s base in Los Angeles. “It’s a mess,” he said. There, I took a road I had not planned to take before < / P > < p > Michael Le is not a shy person. “I’ve been trying to be tiktok’s best online star,” he said At the time of his remarks, he was lying on a bed in a Los Angeles apartment with no shirt on. He shared the house with four people. Like several others on the list, Michael Le has formed a tiktok community, shluv house, based in a 9000 square foot home. “Shluv” is a word created by combining “self love”. “I know how to set up a stall – how to make every video entertaining, something that’s not something that people don’t put down when they watch it,” said Le, 20 < p > < p > his two videos released earlier this year are among the most shared videos on tiktok, with 478 million views. The video shows him dancing on a descending roller ladder. Five year old brother Jonathan also appeared in one of the videos. Le has signed a multi-year partnership with energy drink Bang to publish several videos a week in the name of the brand. Next, he says, is YouTube. Children’s videos are so popular on YouTube that Jonathan and le will explore the star path on the platform. What is Le’s goal? “Push five series – more than five,” he said. We need to be really big. ” < / P > < p > Spencer x is particularly looking forward to hearing such news: “the cochella Festival says, Spencer, it’s up to you, you’re going to be the beatboxer, the main character of the festival; next week, you’re going to be the host on Saturday night.” < / P > < p > if you get a little fame on tiktok, you may have crazy dreams. Spencer, 28, of course. As a child, Spencer became obsessed with learning beatbox on youtube and dreamed of becoming a top beatbox singer. After he dropped out of purchase college, he was in his 20s trying to find opportunities to perform. He played wherever he could. He had worked with various bands, such as country bluegrass music group, unaccompanied chorus group of five and Russian rock band. < / P > < p > in February 2019, Spencer settled in tiktok, and moved to Los Angeles in the autumn of that year, where he taught people to surf. There were only a few hundred dollars in the bank. At the same time, he tried to turn the tiktok account of 10 million fans into a real business. Soon, uno, Oreo and Sony said they were willing to work together. Spencer’s dream suddenly became a lot more real. Now, he has a two-story apartment in Hollywood, where he works on his first single. “I’m here to prove to you that many of the things we thought were impossible are very likely.” We estimate the pre tax income of P < 30 June 2020. In order to estimate its revenue, we have communicated with wanghong, its brokers, managers, marketing personnel and investors. The online celebrities in this list are tiktok aborigines. Therefore, it does not cover stars such as Dwayne Johnson and Jason Derulo, which have become popular in the United States, and Youtube celebrities such as Zach king and David dobrick. Of course, these people also have a lot of fans on tiktok. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce

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