Foreign media forecast: open 5g network, iPhone 12 battery life is only half a day!

After Apple released the first generation of iPhone to iPhone 4, apple established its absolute authority and became a parameter benchmark for the mobile phone industry. Almost all competitors refer to the design of the iPhone when making mobile phones. And it turned into a double-edged sword after that, because even Apple’s design was not good, even anti-human < / P > < p > this was fully reflected in subsequent iPhone works, from no longer supporting detachable battery to no longer supporting external SD card, to canceling 3.5mm headphone interface and making camera lens more convex For the user experience < / P > < p > is more like Apple’s effort to save costs and sell its own accessories. In contrast, the advantages of Android phones have been ignored by apple. Even in Apple’s most important Chinese market, it took 10 years for a simple dual card and dual stay to arrive, and it was advertised as a major improvement, ironically or ironically. < p > < p > in recent years, there are also some cost-saving practices that affect the user experience. For example, when the maximum storage capacity of Android phones has reached 12g or even 16g, the storage capacity of iPhone is still hovering at 4G. It is said that only 6G will be added to the top version of iPhone 12 this year. < / P > < p > in addition to the storage size, there is also the iPhone’s battery capacity. In recent years, the iPhone’s battery capacity has not exceeded 3000 Ma, while Android’s maximum has reached 6000 Ma, and 4000 Ma is only an entry-level level. The accompanying fast charging power of apple is still 18W, which is lower than that of a hundred yuan machine. It is said that it will increase to 20W this year. Unfortunately, < / P > < p > even this year’s iPhone 12 series has a very small battery capacity. The 5.4-inch version has a capacity of 2227 Ma, the 6.1-inch version has 2775 Ma, and even the largest 6.7-inch version has only 2815 ma. According to the analysis and prediction of XZP, a well-known foreign scientific and technological media, the whole series of iphone12 is equipped with A14 processor with stronger performance as standard. At the same time, a high-pass x555g baseband is attached, and millimeter wave is supported. According to this battery capacity, if the 5g network switch is turned on, the battery life may be only half a day, which is the conclusion drawn by comparing the battery life of Android 5g mobile phone with 4000 Ma battery. IPhone 12 can only last half a day under 5g? < / P > < p > can I buy this? Xiaozhi also took apple. It is said that the cost of 4000 Ma battery is 37 yuan now. Can’t such a good mobile phone make the battery bigger?

Author: zmhuaxia