Foreign media: iPhone 125 g experience may not be as good as people think

For the second half of this year, Apple’s first 5g mobile phone, the iPhone 12 series, has attracted much attention. < / P > < p > the iPhone 12 series has always attracted much attention. This year, the iPhone 12 series will be equipped with A14 bionic chip, support 5g network, high refresh rate and lidar. < / P > < p > and the iPhone 12 series supports 5g, which means that the experience of this phone is not only affected by its own hardware configuration, but also limited by the quality of 5g network. < p > < p > after all, this year is a year when 5g networks are widely used. However, the current situation of 5g networks in the United States is not very ideal. Last year, the news of “fake 5g” was also exposed. < p > < p > according to CNET, the experience of the iPhone 12 series, Apple’s first 5g mobile phone, is limited by the quality of networks provided by at & T, T-Mobile and Verizon. < / P > < p > due to the complexity of 5g network, such as ultra-high-speed 5g and low-frequency 5g need different antennas, which means that the same iPhone needs multiple models. In the face of 5g diversity, whether the iPhone 12 series can bring us a better experience is still unclear. However, as Apple’s first 5g mobile phone, the sales volume should not be a problem. Previously, an analysis agency said that the iPhone 12 series will bring sales growth of 5g mobile phones and stimulate the wave of 5g phone replacement. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing

Author: zmhuaxia