Foreign media said Apple’s iPhone 12 key chips may be in short supply. Have you bought it?

Beijing, November 5 (Xinhua) apple may face a shortage of key power management chips for new iPhones and other devices, which makes it doubtful whether it can meet the needs of the holiday season, according to the report on Wednesday evening. ‘it’s not clear how serious the impact will be on apple, and points out that suppliers may give priority to apple, which may harm other customers,’ according to an unnamed person familiar with the matter. The novel coronavirus pneumonia is the source of potential growth in the world, and the

chip is also pushing back the growth of global chip demand, coupled with the interference from the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Bloomberg News said. The problem is exacerbated by inventory hoarding by chip manufacturers in the face of uncertainty. < p > < p > reports that power management is more important in the iPhone 12 than its previous series, considering camera features and 5g features, which increases Apple’s demand for these components. Apple recently launched four 5g phones, and analysts expect strong consumer demand for the device. In a recent conference call with analysts, Apple CEO Tim Cook warned that the supply of the iPhone 12, MAC, iPad and some apple watch models was limited, although he did not specifically mention power management chips. Cook said the iPhone supply problem was “not surprising” as apple was just beginning to increase production. He added: “it’s hard to predict how long” supply constraints will last. According to the report, Apple has several suppliers of power management chips. The iPhone 12 Pro uses Texas Instruments components to control the power supply to the camera system, as well as similar chips from Italian semiconductor and 5g modem chips from Qualcomm. A U.S. inspection of Apple’s website shows that new iPhone 12 Pro orders will not reach customers until the end of November or early December, while the regular iPhone 12 has no delay. Many iPad models show delivery between mid November and the end of the month, while some apple watch models show delivery in late November. Privacy Policy