Foreign media: the annual production scale of Apple’s iPhone is about 200 million, which is the same as that predicted in April

According to foreign media reports, Apple’s annual production of about 200 million iPhones is the same as that predicted in April. < p > < p > in April this year, apple informed several suppliers that it would produce about 200 million iPhones in 2020. Foreign media said the iPhone production scale was the same as the April forecast. In addition, apple officials confirmed last month that the launch of this year’s new iPhone will be slightly delayed compared with before. Apple started selling iPhones at the end of September last year. Apple shares rose 5.15% to $497.48 at the end of Friday, with a total market value of about $2.13 trillion, setting a new closing high. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine