Foreign media: there is no iPhone 12 on September 15, but the two new products are still worth looking forward to

The iPhone 12 series won’t appear at Apple’s Sept. 15 launch, according to the company. When everyone was extremely disappointed, another piece of good news was given by the news agency: this conference will focus on two hardware products, namely the newly upgraded iPad air 4 and apple watch 6 series. On September 8, apple officially announced that a special Apple event would be held on September 15 with the slogan “see you then.”. The official news ignited the enthusiasm of fruit powder, which made netizens including Qi Ji think that the iPhone 12 will be released in September, which makes them feel happy too soon. When I calm down and think about it carefully, I find that Qi Jitai is still naive: the Chinese “I’ll see you then” and the English “time files” emphasize time. It seems that Apple watch is the main character of this conference. < / P > < p > the applewatch Series 6 series includes two models to cover the mid and high-end markets. If the price of the standard version can be reduced to about 1500 yuan, the number of Apple watch users will be greatly increased. According to previous revelations, in addition to two models, the applewatch Series 6 may also include blood oxygen sensor and fingerprint functions. For the cheaper and more powerful Apple watch series 6, no matter what you expect, Qiji’s biggest expectation is the improvement of its endurance. < / P > < p > with the exception of the apple watch series 6, the release of the iPad air 4 is a bit of a surprise. According to the disclosure, the iPad air 4 will be upgraded to the appearance design of the iPad pro, charging port or C port. For the sake of cost and lower price, the iPad air 4 gave up face ID and adopted the side fingerprint identification method, and combined with the power button. < / P > < p > compared with Android tablet computers, iPad air 4 has great advantages in terms of accessories besides performance and system advantages. Besides the appearance of iPad pro, iPad Pro Series accessories, such as apple pencil 2 generation and new smart control keyboard, are also placed together. Such hardware advantages are incomparable to iPad products. With flagship accessories and relatively affordable prices, the iPad air 4 will once again become a popular model. In addition to one invitation letter from Apple’s Safari, Apple will get more than one invitation from apple. Does this indicate that AR hardware products will be released in this conference. The current hardware related to Apple’s laser scanners and the apple 2020 is as follows. It has been confirmed that the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be equipped with a radar laser scanner. As for Apple glasses, no more information has been disclosed. < / P > < p > for this conference, the foreign media disclosed that a video was cut into three segments, in which the iPad and apple watch were mainly released in September, the iPhone 12 series was released in October, and the MAC series was released in November. Thus, the impact of the epidemic on Apple’s supply chain is still very big. < / P > < p > for the upcoming Apple watch series 6 and iPad air 4, Qiji’s idea is to seize more market share of intelligent wear through a lower price Apple watch, and Qiji will pay for this product when the service life is suitable. As for the new iPad air 4, it once again demonstrates the competitive power of the iPad. No one can match the official accessories. Qi Ji suggests that users who want to buy an iPad recently can wait a little while. The accessories of Pro Series are very expensive, but the experience is really better, which is beyond the reach of other brands at present. However, Qi Ji’s expectation is not the iPad air 4, but the full screen ipad Mini 6. This is Qi Ji’s idea. Code word original is not easy, like remember to pay attention to Qi Ji’s idea, also can like, forward and comment. More interesting digital information is waiting for you to chat. The picture is from the Internet, and it is deleted. Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer