Foreign media: trump signs administrative order to suppress tiktok

According to foreign media, U.S. President trump has signed an executive order prohibiting the acquisition of “music” app by byte hop, the parent company of tiktok, and requires it to give up its US assets related to the operation of tiktok within 90 days. < p > < p > according to the satellite news agency, Washington, August 15, the order stressed that byte skipping created a single platform by merging its own application tiktok with the “music” app through trading. < / P > < p > trump said in the order that byte skipping was prohibited from acquiring “music” applications, and required CFIUS to require byte hop and its subsidiaries to give up all assets in the United States, as well as user personal data collected in the United States by using tiktok or “music” applications within 90 days from the date of promulgation of the order. According to the Singapore website on August 15, US President trump signed an executive order on August 14, requiring byte skipping to divest its TikTok US business within 90 days. According to a report on consumer news and business channel in the United States, the order seems to be a “good thing” for tiktok, because trump threatened to ban the popular app in the United States if byte skipping doesn’t sell tiktok to US companies in 45 days. As a result, the new executive order allows tiktok more time to facilitate potential deals. In addition, U.S. President Donald Trump ordered byte skipping to give up his assets in tiktok’s U.S. business within 90 days, according to Washington, D.C., Reuters, on August 14. This move will also force the U.S. government to provide more legal support for the app. < / P > < p > last week, trump issued an administrative order to prohibit Americans from trading with byte skipping tiktok and Tencent’s wechat after 45 days, which further escalated the confrontation between China and the United States over the future of the global technology industry. Trump was asked the same day whether he was worried that a total ban on wechat transactions might prevent apple from selling iPhones in China. He showed no anxiety. “What I’m doing is good for our national security,” he said However, some large U.S. companies, including apple, said this week that they were worried that administrative orders against tiktok and wechat could have a negative impact on US companies. Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865