Forgotten thousand yuan 5g, NFC + 120Hz + Sony mix686, the price dropped to 1399

I don’t know what you think of the current digital mobile phone market. 5g new phones are constantly on the market, and high-end flagship mobile phones are also constantly on the market. In fact, since the first half of the year, 5g mobile phone market has begun to break out, and the number of 5g mobile phones has increased rapidly, rapidly occupying half of the mobile phone market. Nowadays, except for the high-end flagship 4G mobile phones, there is almost no place for 4G mobile phones. But the number of new phones is increasing, and the impact of one after another is that it is difficult for users to choose, and even some mobile phones are buried.

since the beginning of August, the market war in the second half of the year has gradually begun. At present, there are several high-end flagship brands of major brands, such as Samsung note20 series just released, Huawei’s flagship mate 40 series in the second half of the year, Apple’s first high-end 5g flagship iphone12 series and Xiaomi 10 Super Cup. Of course, vivo and oppo should not be absent. However, for many users, the price of these mobile phones is still relatively high. Most people choose the mid end flagship and the 1000 yuan mobile phone. As the mobile phone is updated faster and faster, the thousand yuan mobile phone has become the first choice of many users.

in addition, at this time, for friends who want to change their mobile phones, they may not be willing to wait. However, the prices of mobile phones in the first half of the year have not started to reduce, so it is not worth starting at this time. Therefore, it is most cost-effective to choose the first batch of mobile phones with price reduction. Obviously, the mobile phone released at the end of last year has become the first choice. The release time is less than half a year, and the configuration will not fall behind. The most important thing is that the price has begun to decline. Compared with the same configuration in the first half of the year, the price is lower, but the configuration with the same price is better. Hongmi K30 is such a mobile phone.

I believe many people are familiar with this mobile phone. After all, at the beginning of 5g mobile phone, the price of this mobile phone dropped below 2000, making it the cheapest 5g mobile phone. First of all, the Hongmi K30 is equipped with a snapdragon 765G processor. At the end of last year, this processor was the best in the midrange processor. Although it is a bit inferior to the Kirin 820 and Tianji 820, the performance of the processor is still slightly better than that of the Kirin 820 and Tianji 820. However, compared with the mobile phones with the same price as Hongmi K30, the performance is still slightly better.

the most important thing is the camera configuration of this mobile phone. Although it is said to locate the flagship in the middle end, it is not stingy in terms of camera configuration. Instead, it is equipped with luxury, with four cameras in the rear and Sony imx686 sensor as the main camera. This lens is still carried on many high-end flagship nowadays, even the 5g flagship just released in the first half of the year can also be seen. The red rice K30 with this flagship lens in the mid market is also a unique, in the photo strength is almost in the crush, the ability is quite outstanding. In addition, the current miui12 system also gives this mobile phone a lot of photo taking ability, and magic avatar is one of them.

on the appearance screen, the Hongmi K30 adopts a double hole full screen and is equipped with an LCD screen. However, the screen supports a 120Hz screen refresh rate, which greatly improves the fluency. In terms of battery life, there is a combination of 4500mAh battery and 30W fast charging. The endurance and charging efficiency are also very good. Moreover, Hongmi K30 also supports NFC function, which is very useful for friends in the workplace nowadays. It is very convenient to open and close the door, whether it is by car.

generally speaking, the red rice K30 is absolutely unique in the thousand yuan machine market. With such luxurious configuration, it still has such a low price, the best performance price ratio and the favorite rice noodles. What do you think? Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer