Fortune’s world top 500 list in 2020: Apple 12th, Samsung 19th, Huawei 49th

Today, the official released the latest list of the world’s top 500. This is the 26th year in a row that the magazine has published this list of the world’s largest companies. It is understood that the operating income of the world’s top 500 enterprises this year has reached 33 trillion US dollars, a record high, close to the total GDP of China and the United States. The threshold for entry into the rankings also rose from $24.8 billion to $25.4 billion.

it is worth noting that the number of China’s mainland companies reached 124 this year, the first time in the history of the United States. Together with Taiwan enterprises, there are 133 Chinese companies on the list. However, in terms of profit level, there is still a huge gap between China and the United States. In terms of profits, Saudi Aramco still ranked first with a profit of 88.2 billion US dollars, while apple fell third. Microsoft’s profit soared by nearly 137% year on year, ranking fifth in the top 10 profit list.

in recent years, the number of mainland China listed companies has been growing by a record high, surpassing Germany, France, Britain and Japan, and surpassing the US this year. No other country or region has seen such a rapid increase in the number of Companies in the world’s top 500 companies since it was released in 1995, officials said. In terms of specific ranking, Sinopec is still ranked No.2, State Grid has risen to No.3, PetroChina ranked No.4, Amazon ranked No.9, apple ranked 12th, Samsung Electronics ranked 19th, industrial and Commercial Bank of China ranked 24th, Huawei ranked 49th, Ali ranked 132nd and Tencent ranked 197. Last year, Xiaomi was selected into the world’s top 500 for the first time, ranking 468 in the list. This year, Xiaomi was once again selected into the world’s top 500, ranking 422. Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list