Four ways to speed up the old computer, 30 seconds simple settings, so that your computer more years

At the same time, Xiao Wang often complains with me that his computer performance has been very slow. I told him that if the computer equipment is not old, it is likely to be caused by improper settings in the process of use. Today, I will tell you that in addition to replacing computer hardware, there are four ways to help the computer speed up. Let’s have a look! < / P > < p > reloading the system is the simplest operation, because for the old computer, it has been used for a certain number of years. If you do not pay attention to cleaning, there must be a lot of system garbage in the computer. < / P > < p > operation steps: click, input in the window, confirm to enter the next page, select, and the application will start automatically. < / P > < p > is also click, window input, but we start the page, set the number of processors to the maximum value. < / P > < p > select the option, and then set it. In the performance options page, the computer, only the computer, will be automatically optimized. < / P > < p > statement: I share this tutorial in the hope that you can learn about information security and be vigilant! This course is only for teaching. It can’t be used for other purposes. I’m not responsible for it. Please know! Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing

Author: zmhuaxia