Free gifts for mobile phone number points

At about 11:00 on November 6, the police of the 110 fast track team of Shapingba District Public Security Bureau received an instruction from the command center, saying that there was a dispute in a mobile phone store in Sha district. After receiving the police, the police rushed to the scene immediately. In the mobile phone store, Xiao Wang, the police officer, was emotional and had a dispute with the staff. The police promptly persuaded him to understand the situation. In the morning of November 5, when Xiao Wang and his friends were shopping, they met the mobile phone store for activities. The staff said that they could get free gifts when they entered the store. A staff member inquired about Xiao Wang’s mobile phone number. After checking, he found that there were more than 2000 points. He said that he could get a sweeping robot and a tablet computer for free with his mobile phone number points. Xiao Wang believed it and was doing it After finishing the collection procedures, the staff told her that she should pay a service fee of 80 yuan, that is, within two years, if the gift fails, it can be repaired free of charge, and if there is a quality problem, it can be replaced free of charge. < p > < p > after paying 80 yuan as required, Xiao Wang was stopped by the staff when he was about to leave with the gift. He said that the free tablet computer needs to be bound with his real name authentication mobile phone card, and he needs to spend 4599 yuan within two years, and he will return the mobile phone charge according to the agreement every month. Xiao Wang did not think much about it, and signed an agreement with the mobile phone store to pay the fees through Alipay. < p > < p > after returning home, Xiao Wang opened the gifts, found that the sweeping robot and tablet computer were not well-known brands, and the quality was not so good. He found that he had been stereotyped, so he came to the mobile phone store to ask for a refund. The communication between the two sides was not smooth and there was a dispute. As Xiao Wang accidentally lost the packing box of the tablet computer, the police coordinated with both sides. After communication, the person in charge of the mobile phone store refunded the fee paid by Xiao Wang in full after deducting the cost of the packing box. The two sides reached a settlement and expressed their gratitude to the police for resolving the contradiction in time. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?