Friends choose phobia “committed”! How to choose iqoo 5 pro and Xiaomi 10 supreme edition?

Recently, iqoo, a subsidiary brand of vivo company, released the latest flagship mobile phones iqoo 5 and iqoo 5 pro. The price of iqoo 5 is 3998, while iqoo 5 Pro is 4998. How much difference is there between the two mobile phones of 1000 yuan? My friends are also wondering whether to choose iqoo 5 Pro or Xiaomi 10 supreme edition! Then I’ll find out how you choose! The article is too long. Please taste it carefully. < / P > < p > first, let’s talk about the exterior design and materials. Iqoo 5 Pro has two kinds of materials to choose from. The black one is called racetrack version. Its fuselage is designed with carbon fiber texture and protected by Ag glass. It looks like the carbon fiber car body on top of the sports car. It looks very advanced. The white one is called legend version, and the three color design of BMW M kit is printed on the left side of the fuselage. But is there something wrong with the color? The back of the fuselage is made of plain leather. This design is really novel, but Xiaobian doesn’t like it. I think white plain leather will inevitably cause damage if it is used for a long time. Even if you cherish the fuselage, can you stop its oxidation effect? The case of the mobile phone also does not highlight the quality of its plain leather material, so we can only look at it and not choose. < / P > < p > in addition, the iqoo 5 fuselage also uses Ag glass, and the interior has a gradual color coating, which will show the fading effect of dark blue to gray, which makes the whole look very texture, and the color of the fuselage meets today’s aesthetic requirements. Both of the most important mobile phones weigh less than 200g. The reason for the cancellation of the pressure sensitive buttons on the side of the two fuselages is that there are too many internal components. If the pressure sensitive buttons are added, the width of the fuselage must be increased. Therefore, the pressure sensitive buttons are cancelled. Next, iqoo also wants to change from the “game console” and “performance phone” in the minds of consumers into a flagship bucket machine. < / P > < p > but I think the design of Xiaomi 10 Premium Edition is very personalized, but it does not use Ag technology, which will easily stain fingerprints. Maybe Xiaomi company thinks that most mobile phone cases will be installed, which reduces this process? And the phone weighs 224g. For boys, it’s OK, but for female friends, it’s not very friendly. < / P > < p > the front of the phone is also equipped with the E3 curved surface display produced by Samsung. The screen size is 6.56 inches, the resolution is 2376 × 1080, and it supports 120 Hz refresh rate and 240 Hz touch sampling rate. Many bloggers say that this is a top AMOLED display from Samsung, and Xiaobian thinks it is the second top. Where do you put the M10 screen of Samsung note 20? If it is said that the top monitor of domestic mobile phones is “no problem”. Obviously, it’s a bit lax, but I prefer it to the red rice K30 premium screen, because it’s not shielded by a perforated camera. However, in terms of color adjustment, I personally feel that it is not as good as Xiaomi 10 supreme edition, and lacks animation inserting frame technology. If you like playing games, I prefer iqoo 5. The obvious difference between iqoo 5 and Pro is that iqoo 5 is 2.3d display, which is more suitable for game operation and avoids mobile phone error. < p > < p > in terms of hardware, I don’t need to say much about the hardware. Among the three mainstream configurations of today’s Qualcomm snapdragon 865 processor, lpddr 5 and ufs3.1, antutou is running between 620000 and 650000. At present, many domestic flagship computers do not use the flagship chip snapdragon 865 of the second half of the year Plus, still very interesting, and now the snapdragon 865 compared to the first half of the running points have improved significantly. It can be said that there is still room for development. On the contrary, the overall improvement of 865 plus is about 10%, which makes it feel dull. In the test of peace elite game, the average frame rate of the whole game is 61fps, with an average fluctuation of 5.1. King glory game test, always maintain at 60fps, the average fluctuation is about 0.2. Almost full frame. Iqoo 5 Pro has built-in X-axis motor and stereo speaker, which makes us “immersive” in the game. The iqoo 5 is equipped with a Z-axis linear motor. < / P > < p > next is the battery life and heat dissipation of the mobile phone. Iqoo 5 has a built-in 4500 Ma battery and a 55 watt wired charging device. If the price is at this price, that is to say, the Xiaomi 10 mobile phone, it is the top of the price 5 is the benchmark Xiaomi 10 supreme version, 4000 Ma batteries, also 120 Watt cable charging plug, the data line is 1.5 meters long, compared with other 99 cm charging cable is longer, but the battery capacity is really a little small. It takes 17 minutes for iqoo 5 pro to fill from 0, while 23 minutes for Xiaomi 10 supreme. After all, compared with iqoo 5 pro, the supreme version has 500 mA more than iqoo 5 pro. If converted, iqoo 5 Pro can charge 235 Ma per second, while Xiaomi 10 premium version takes 205 ma. Some friends are worried about whether such a large wattage will threaten the temperature process of the mobile phone. When charging, the temperature of one of the two chargers reaches 51 ℃ and the other is 45 ℃, which belongs to the standard range. However, the body temperature is only 40.5 ℃ and 41.8 ℃, which belongs to the normal range, so don’t worry. And in the case of turning on the high brush, playing peace actually has a mobile phone, and the temperature is only about 40 degrees. The results are quite satisfactory. < / P > < p > finally, in terms of photography, iqoo 5 and pro are basically the same. Samsung gn1 bottom sensor is also used, with 50 megapixel main camera and 13 million ultra wide angle lens. The difference is that iqoo 5 is equipped with 13 million portrait lens, while Pro is 8 million pixel periscope long-range lens. In addition, iqoo 5 does not have OIS optical anti shake. If you care about optical anti shake and long focus lens, iqoo 5 Pro will be better. The actual effect of the image, also considered the first-class level, but personally feel that the color adjustment is not as good as Xiaomi 10 supreme edition. But in terms of self portrait and portrait, the beauty effect is more perfect. Girls or anchors can think about it! < / P > < p > in conclusion, Xiaobian thinks iqoo 5 series mobile phones are the “conscience machine” in the second half of this year. After all, the castration between the two mobile phones is not particularly obvious. When you look at the castration degree between one plus eight and one plus eight pro, and then look at the gap between the two mobile phones, you will know what “conscience” is. If you want to experience super endurance and photography, even if pro, if you don’t care about these, I personally think iqoo 5 is already very enough. If you can afford the price and want to experience the ultimate experience of the flagship machine, Xiaomi 10 supreme edition is undoubtedly more suitable for you. I don’t know which mobile phone you will choose? Welcome to leave a message. I’m a high-tech digital talent, a digital enthusiast who doesn’t blow black. Finally, I’d like to say that the product manager is really exciting. See you next time. 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