From 0 to 1 comprehensive cognition of Boca — Kusama antecedent network (10)

We talked about Boca’s chain governance. On chain governance is a major progress in blockchain democracy. Anyone who holds dot can vote through a motion to make his own choice for Boca’s future development, so as to create a truly decentralized network completely autonomous by the community. < / P > < p > through the chain governance, and finally to the implementation stage, due to poca’s unique self upgrading technology, no matter what kind of disputes in the community, the final upgrade of all nodes will maintain consistency, fundamentally eliminating the risk of hard bifurcation. < / P > < p > from today on, our popular science series in Boca is coming to an end. Originally, Kusama first network is strictly a project independent of Boca, but they are inextricably related. Brother duck decided to put it in the last chapter as the final work of poca’s cognitive series. < / P > < p > everyone should have played online games. Before the official launch of large-scale Internet games, they will go through the test version and internal test version, and then carry out the public test, and finally officially go online. < / P > < p > because there are some loopholes in the programs, some of them can be found immediately during the development, and some of them are very hidden, so it is not easy to find them when they are tested. However, when they are finally discovered, they will cause huge disasters. This is why large-scale Internet projects have to be tested repeatedly before they dare to go online. < / P > < p > because blockchain involves assets on the chain, once any loophole is exploited by hackers, it will cause large-scale asset loss and network paralysis, and in the most serious case, the whole project will be destroyed. It is difficult to remedy the errors in the < p > < p > blockchain. If there is an error on the Internet, it is still too late to update the program. If there is an error in the blockchain, all the assets on the chain have been transferred. Rolling back the data will violate the spirit of the blockchain that can not be tampered with. Once an error occurs, there is no way to do it except for urgent and hard forking. < / P > < p > that’s why we invest in the currency circle and feel insecure every day. Not only do you worry that the money you buy will fall due to market reasons, but also that the project will return to zero due to system loopholes. < / P > < p > to be honest, duck brother Soha poca, many people around me advised me not to put eggs in one basket for investment. I understand the truth, but I dare suoha, not only because I can keep up with my cognition, but also because of the main reason: < / P > < p > I have always said that Lin Jiawen is a great engineer. A good engineer can not only create a well thought and ingenious program framework, but also be cautious and consider all aspects of program safety. < / P > < p > then make a network for testing. Every time blockchain faces a huge upgrade, it will be implemented on this test network first. If the test network runs well for a long time, then the new version will be transplanted to the main network. As we all know, letcoin is a fake version of bitcoin. When bitcoin is faced with huge program changes, it is necessary to experiment on letcoin first. For example, the “isolation verification” technology of letcoin in 17 years is to solve the problem of bitcoin expansion. It only needs to be tested on letcoin, which leads to the rapid development of letcoin and the leading bull market. < / P > < p > Kusama is based on this idea. When it was born, it was a test version of Boca, but it was an early experimental version of Boca that existed in the real economic environment. So it is also called Boca first network. < / P > < p > this antecedent network has the same functions and characteristics as Boca. But compared with poca, it has faster block speed and more efficient performance. Kusama doesn’t pay as much attention to security as poca does, but pays more attention to technology testing and verifying technicians’ assumptions in the real world. It’s a large experimental platform on which all crazy ideas can be implemented. It’s faster to get creative and creative with kusamp. Its development will be faster and more violent. Sometimes they will fall down, sometimes they will fly higher, just like a fearless warrior, riding the wind and waves on the road full of risks. < / P > < p > and Polkadot is Kusama’s steady elder brother, more sophisticated and more reliable. Brother in front of the road, the elder brother just need to follow slowly, the younger brother in front of the fight, the elder brother to follow the road that the younger brother walked, is the most solid backing of the younger brother’s soul. < / P > < p > most of Boca’s parallel chains are defi, DEX, Daos and other projects that involve frequent asset transactions and high security requirements. Moreover, the bidding for parallel chain slots is very fierce, and the slot rent for parallel chains is relatively high. For small start-ups, although there are parallel threads as a substitute for parallel chains, Kusama’s parallel chains or Maybe it’s a better choice. Although Kusama sacrifices some security, it has high throughput TPS. So Kusama is ideal for projects that don’t require bank level security but focus on throughput. Such as games, music, authentication, social networking and other applications. < / P > < p > Kusama will build a transition bridge in the future. Similar to bitcoin and Ethereum, Kusama will also become a parallel chain of poca. It’s fun. Kusama’s parallel chain can also communicate with Boca’s parallel chain in business, so as to realize data cross chain, asset cross chain and interoperability. < / P > < p > I believe that friends who play with coins are most afraid of losing their private keys. Indeed, the private key is the only certificate for the owner of the wallet. Once lost, there is no way to recover the assets. Many people prefer to keep their money in the exchange rather than keep their wallets. This is because they are afraid that the private key will not be properly kept. < / P > < p > there is a function of social private key recovery on Kusama. For example, you can add the addresses of 10 trusted friends as friends. If you lose your private key, you can contact these friends and ask them to help you recover your private key. Once more than a set percentage of friends agree to your request, such as 80%, the system will automatically unlock the wallet. < / P > < p > in this way, once a friend maliciously cheats a friend to recover the private key, during the delay period, as long as your friend talks to you about this matter and arouses your vigilance, you can log in the account at any time to cancel the recovery process and confiscate the deposit paid by the malicious person. What’s more, it’s not interesting? In the future, Kusama’s social recovery private key function may also be deployed to Boca’s main network. Let’s look forward to it! < / P > < p > Kusama is the vanguard network of Boca. With this vanguard network, any advanced technology upgraded by Boca will be tested on Kusama first, so as to make the main network of Boca reach the top security level. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo