From 2698 yuan to 2098 yuan, 128GB + 64 million 4 photos, 5g mobile phones in the first half of the year will be withdrawn

When any industry ushers in a major change, it often means that there are new opportunities. 4G upgrading 5g in the mobile phone industry is such a special time point. Many mobile phone brands have increased their investment in order to get a share of the 5g mobile phone popularization stage, and not only the mobile phone brands active in the domestic mobile phone market are working hard, even some of the previous years are not alive Yue’s mobile phone brand is now like a comeback with the arrival of 5g mobile phone. ZTE mobile phone is an example. < / P > < p > ZTE used to be very brilliant. Before Xiaomi mobile phones came out, the domestic market was basically divided up by the four major brands of “China cool union”. ZTE ranked first among them was ZTE. Unfortunately, ZTE failed to seize the Internet channel and was gradually surpassed by Huawei and Xiaomi. However, ZTE’s mobile phone strength is still in existence. Now 4G is upgraded to 5g For ZTE, Duan is also an opportunity, so ZTE is actively launching 5g new machines. For example, this ZTE Tianji axon 11 is one of them. < / P > < p > ZTE axon 11 is a 5g mobile phone released in March this year. In terms of the appearance of this mobile phone, it is still cool. As a mobile phone starting at 2698 yuan, it uses a 6.47 inch curved water drop screen. Until now, the curved screen is still the symbol of the high-end flagship model. This mid-range model uses curved screen, which is combined with the commercial design style on the back of the fuselage The appearance of the mobile phone is still relatively high-grade, so it can be seen that ZTE has really spent a lot of attention on this mobile phone. < / P > < p > as for the configuration of this mobile phone, the processor is equipped with snapdragon 765G, and the standard configuration is 6GB + 128GB. The battery of 4000mAh is not big but not very small. As for the rear camera, it uses 64 million pixel four camera. From the appearance of this mobile phone, it has a high cost performance. If it is a machine owned by a popular mobile phone brand Type, should be able to have a good result, but unfortunately, ZTE mobile phone heat is far less than before. < / P > < p > according to the review data on the e-commerce platform, the sales of this mobile phone are not very good, and it has entered the exit period in a short period of half a year. The market price has been adjusted to about 2098 yuan and is ready to leave. As for the reason, some netizens think that this mobile phone comes a little too late. The popularity of ZTE mobile phone is low, but it is equipped with snapdragon 765G As early as the end of 2019, the processor mobile phone has appeared, so it is more difficult to attract people’s attention when it comes on the stage at the end of March this year. It has to be said that ZTE really has a long way to go to win a share in the 5g mobile phone era. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?