From 3998 yuan! Iqoo 5 Series officially released, on August 24!

[pconline information] on the afternoon of August 17, the long-awaited iqoo 5 Series conference was held as scheduled, and the much anticipated iqoo 5 Series finally appeared. This conference is full of views. Let’s look down! < p > < p > in the press conference, we first introduced the super flash charging function of iqoo 5 pro. 120W ultra fast flash charging is a new charging experience, and 15 minutes full charging is another new attempt in the field of charging, which can bring more convenience to our users. Iqoo 120W ultra fast flash charging has been challenged by 1000 cycles of mobile phone charging and discharging, 10000 times of live plug and plug test of charging port, 800-1000 times of battery fast charging and discharging cycle test, and + 55 / – 33 ℃ environmental test. It has become the first batch of certified 100 watt fast charging scheme. < / P > < p > Professional E-sports mobile phones provide stable and powerful game experience for small partners who like to play games. Eagle eye enhancement function, King’s glory special update, for us to provide the game’s most basic performance and experience support. The iqoo 5 series is equipped with the snapdragon 865, the flagship processor platform of Qualcomm. It adopts 7Nm process, cortex-a77 architecture and Adreno The 650 display chip greatly improves the graphics and video rendering capabilities. Combined with Samsung lpddr5 storage and ufs3.1 ultra fast flash memory, it can provide faster application retrieval speed, application cache speed and data read / write speed. The user’s experience in downloading, copying, installing, switching large-scale applications, and file transfer has been greatly improved. < / P > < p > in addition, the appearance of iqoo also surprises us. Iqoo 5 Series adheres to the design concept of “ready to be concise and pure”, centering on the theme of “freeze frame moment”, positioning precise and orderly design, so that users can experience the collision between fast and slow in the streamline of fuselage structure, and perceive the boundary of speed. The two fading lines at the top bring a sense of speed from being to nothing; the full gradual change camera design makes the water drop disperse instantaneously; the design of super linear loudspeaker hidden in the 0.3 mm micro slot receiver makes the pure under the heaven and earth; the light and mute contrast of the power button, the iconic design of iqoo flag ship product, the energy is dark and ready to fire. What makes us more happy is that iqoo 5’s super sensory experience is a double shock of audio and video. In addition, iqoo 5 has also brought a super high level of super sensitive imaging system, which helps us capture the beauty of the world and become a photographer of life. iQOO The 5 series is equipped with Samsung 120Hz super vision flexible screen, which is arranged with popular diamond pixels. The screen is high-definition and transparent. It not only has the natural advantages of low power consumption and high response speed, but also has the industry-leading 120 frames per second, which is twice of the traditional 60Hz screen. At the same time, it increases the number of animation frames, shortens the step length, improves the delicacy and fluency of animation, and slides and writes in the list Page slide and other scenes, experience more smooth, with better chirality. < / P > < p > as the transformation work of iqoo series, iqoo 5 series is equipped with super large size new sensor, with 50 megapixel super sensitive main camera with higher dynamic range and wider ISO range, which can bring new shooting experience of faster focusing speed, greater light input and higher signal-to-noise ratio. < / P > < p > the most important thing is that iqoo 5 series is officially put into pre-sale today, and officially opened at 0:00 on August 24! So, how about the price of such a super powerful mobile phone? According to the price announced in the press conference, the price of iqoo 5 is from 3998, and that of iqoo 5 Pro is from 4998! Skip to content