From 4199 to 2799, from the high-end market to the middle end market, netizen: finally

Among the current mobile phone manufacturers, in addition to some large manufacturers have launched 5g high-end computers, some powerful sub brand manufacturers have also launched a lot of 5g high-end computers, such as glory v30pro, which was listed earlier, but has excellent configuration. In order to stimulate sales, glory v30pro has dropped from 4199 yuan to 2799 yuan on the third-party platform , from the high-end market to the mid-end market, many netizens have said: finally, it’s true that the glory v30pro mobile phone is full of features, which is better than any other mid-range machine on the market. It is even no exaggeration to say that glory v30pro is a Huawei genuine fragrance mid-range machine. < p > < p > glory v30pro is a relatively balanced dual-mode 5g high-end machine, with almost no short boards, so consumers prefer it after price reduction. First of all, in terms of performance, glory v30pro is equipped with Kirin 990 processor, 7 nm process technology, and has top-level processing and computing capabilities, which is equivalent to the performance of Huawei p40pro, which is the most popular at present. The camera module is also a proud part of the glory v30pro. The 40 megapixel main camera + 12 megapixel movie camera + 8 million pixel long focus matrix photographing can control the large angle and long range, and the image quality of the photos is very high. < / P > < p > glory v30pro also has a detailed service life. It has a 4100ma battery, and is equipped with 40W wired and 27W wireless dual fast charging, which is not limited by the charging mode. Glory v30pro also has a PC liquid cooling cooling system, which can effectively cool the mobile phone and run high energy consuming games. In terms of screen, glory v30pro uses a 6.57 inch LCD screen with a resolution of 2400 * 1080, accounting for 91.46% of the screen, with excellent visual effect. In terms of storage, glory v30pro has two kinds of storage space: 128GB and 256gb. You can choose your own. Although glory v30pro is an early 5g high-end computer, this mobile phone is not out of date. Whether it is dual-mode 5g technology, high-quality camera, or advanced cooling system, this glory v30pro has been considered in advance, which is no different from the current 5g high-end computer. In addition, the camera module of glory v30pro is different from the general camera module. It is a camera adjusted by Huawei. It is first-class in terms of stability and imaging. Considering that more consumers like it, glory v30pro reduced its price on the third-party platform. The 8GB + 256gb version of glory v30pro was reduced to 2799 yuan. Do you think the value of this glory v30pro is worth starting with? Or for the glory v30pro, this top 5g mobile phone, do you have any other views? Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction