From 5488 to 3488! Kirin 980 + 128GB, Huawei’s flagship becomes more popular after price reduction

Yu Chengdong said at the 2020 summit of the 100 people’s Congress of China’s informatization, affected by sanctions, 60 million mobile phones will be delivered in 2019, otherwise it will be the first in the world. Revenue increased in the first half of the year, and high-end product sales accounted for a high proportion. Huawei mate 40 series was released on time in September without delay. Huawei mate 40 launched Kirin 9000. Kirin 9000 should be the correct name for the next generation of flagship processors. Under the influence of sanctions, TSMC can no longer contract chips for it. Both Kirin 9000 and Kirin 990 and 980 will stop production after September 15, which is a heavy blow to Huawei. However, this does not affect domestic users’ purchase of Huawei mobile phones, and the sales volume even rises instead of falling. Even last year’s flagship Huawei P30 Pro has become the target of users’ pursuit. However, this mobile phone does not support 5g and is not superior to this year’s 5g mobile phone. The price has dropped from 5488 yuan to 3488 yuan. < p > < p > Huawei P30 Pro is a real classic, and it is also the world’s first mobile phone to support 50x digital zoom, with fashionable design and the best photo taking at that time. < p > < p > before Huawei’s P20 pro, Huawei’s mobile phones also emphasized taking photos, but they made a lot of jokes because of the lack of core technology. They did everything in cooperation with Leica to surpass SLR and publicize the photos taken by SLR in sample films. Until Huawei’s P20 Pro was released, Huawei did not completely turn around. The 40 megapixel imx600 has become Huawei’s trump card. Huawei’s P30 pro, on the basis of Huawei’s P20 pro, has launched the world’s first periscope telephoto, pushing mobile phone photography to a deeper level. The 50 times digital zoom, night scene mode and AI moon mode have become the targets of competitors to imitate. < p > < p > in terms of design, Huawei P30 pro and Huawei mate20 Pro are two different styles. P30 Pro belongs to the second flagship, and the target users are young people. The color matching is bolder and more fashionable. The aurora of P20 pro and the sky of P30 Pro have become new fashionable colors, especially the celestial sky realm, which is still the standard configuration of mobile phones. < / P > < p > the screen is the biggest weakness of Huawei P30 pro, and the screen is also a pity for all Huawei mobile phones. Huawei P30 Pro adopts domestic screen, and the display effect is obviously different from that of top Samsung screen. This year’s Huawei P40 Pro is a little better. The recently sold versions are all Samsung screens, but Huawei’s P30 Pro does not have a Samsung screen. < p > < p > in terms of configuration, Huawei P30 Pro adopts 6.47 inch hyperbolic water drop full screen, supports screen fingerprint identification, and carries Kirin 980 processor to provide 6 / 8 + 128 / 256 / 512gb storage combination. Kirin 980 is also included in the sanctions. In other words, one mobile phone carrying Kirin 980 is also sold less. < / P > < p > Qilin 980 adopts TSMC 7Nm process and A76 + G76 architecture, and its running point is about 380000, although it can’t compare with that of snapdragon 865. Under the optimization of Huawei, there will be no problem in the next two years. In terms of cameras, Huawei P30 Pro has a 32 million pixel AI beauty camera in front and a 40 million pixel Leica four camera camera in the rear. The main camera is upgraded from imx600 to imx600y, and the auxiliary camera is composed of 20 million pixel super wide angle, 8 million pixel periscope long focus and TOF. The periscope long focus is the first in the industry, and supports 5 times optical zoom, 10 times mixed zoom and 50 times digital zoom. In terms of service life, Huawei P30 Pro has a built-in 4200 MAH battery, which supports a fast charging combination of 40W wired + 15W wireless. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer