From 5499 yuan! IPhone 12 series price exposure: apple is fighting for sales

Last week, Guo Mingji, a well-known analyst at Tianfeng international, said the cost of 5g modules used in the iPhone 12 series was very high, which also led to speculation about whether the price of the series was going up. Recently, @ Komiya, a former twitter user, has exposed the price of Apple’s iPhone 12 series, suggesting that this is the final price. < / P > < p > by contrast, the iPhone 11 series starts with 64GB of storage space, and the starting price is $699 / 5499 yuan. With the same price of the American version, the starting price of the Bank of China of the iPhone 12 is expected to be 5499 yuan. Considering that the iPhone 12 will increase 5g communication support, new A14 chip, OLED screen and larger storage space, it can be said that the increase will not increase the price. Mr Guo said Apple would not raise the starting price of the iPhone 12, despite the surge in costs. Apple’s strategy is to reduce the cost of some high-tech devices without damaging the user experience. For example, the unit price of the battery panel of the iPhone 12 can be 40% – 50% lower than that of the iPhone 11. In addition, the screen size of the iPhone 12 is adjusted to 5.4 inches, and Apple may remove the headset or even the charging head from the package to balance the price. < / P > < p > prior to this, counterpoint, an authoritative market research organization, released the top five best-selling lists of smart phones in many regions of the world. According to the data, the iPhone is still popular around the world, as can be seen from the iPhone 11, the best-selling smartphone in China, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan and other countries in the second quarter. < / P > < p > in China, the sales volume of iPhone 11 is also very terrible. Jingdong’s single product review has exceeded 300W and has been the champion of sales for many weeks. It can be seen that Apple has a strong brand appeal in the flagship market, and the power of IOS ecology can not be underestimated. In my opinion, if the starting price of iPhone 125g can really remain unchanged, it will pose a huge threat to the domestic flagship. According to the report of Morgan Stanley, 68% of the iPhone users with more than 2 years of age in China, which also laid the foundation for the rush purchase of iPhone 12 after its official launch this autumn. Authorities believe that the demand for 5g communication function may make many Chinese users choose to upgrade and replace the iPhone 12, and the iPhone shipment will increase significantly in 2021. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer