From content marketing to super communication, how to quickly detonate products and brands in the digital era

Twenty years ago, the Internet was still not popular. Television, newspapers and radio were the few traffic entrances at that time. People’s attention could only focus on these “primitive” media forms. The period after the news broadcast is also called golden time. The front page headlines of newspapers and the cover of magazines are also symbols of influence. At that time, some economists thought that whether the effect of communication was good or not, only by looking at the contents of the office tea room the next day, could we know that the communication really achieved the effect only when we had a discussion during the working hours. < / P > < p > 10 years ago, 90% of the traffic was concentrated in portals such as Sina, Sohu and Netease, and the banner on the home page was skyrocketing, because there were only so few Internet traffic entrances. However, with the popularity of mobile Internet, algorithms and big data begin to integrate into new media. According to big data, the centralized algorithm not only pushes users’ favorite content, but also makes everyone fall into their own “Truman world”. < / P > < p > at this time, the traditional communication began to lose its focus, and it became a very difficult thing to get out of the circle. The contents such as shining and blooming and awsl, 2333 and yeqingjie will appear on the Internet at the same time, but the crowd behind them is completely different. < / P > < p > therefore, whether online or offline, the ultimate goal of communication is to pass the information of enterprises, brands and products to consumers and get positive feedback from target users. However, when communication loses its focus, enterprises or institutions will encounter a series of problems in the process of communication. Which platform is the target user? How to find these people on the platform? The target user has been found. What means can the target user see it? The content has spread out. Is it right? These problems have become the biggest problem of communication in the era of mobile Internet. Therefore, in the era of mobile Internet, the most effective way is through super communication, so that people’s eyes can be re focused and the real communication out of the circle can be realized. In short, super communication is to achieve positive interaction with users through Omni channel coverage, so as to achieve effective communication. Generally, there are nine steps, which can be expressed by an equation: < / P > < p > Super communication = clear concept + establish IP + build scene + social currency + Guide topic + stimulate emotion + efficient link + global promotion + effective exposure < / P > < p > clarify concept. Many enterprises and brands do not know where their products or brands are for the target users in the process of communication It’s self-expression. In this way, the communication effect will be greatly reduced. < / P > < p > the first step of super communication is to “weigh one’s own weight”. Through public opinion monitoring, back tracking, data collection and other means, we can find the real effective communication point through data means. < / P > < p > setting up IP is not necessarily a specific image. Logo, slogan, stem and even the founder himself can become IP. For example, say, “are you ok?” We will certainly think of Lei Jun and Xiaomi, which is a successful IP. In the era of new media, scenario communication has the most penetrating effect. For products, we should tell users in the process of communication what is the best scenario for my products. For example, the copywriting on Jiang Xiaobai’s expression bottle is prepared for the scene of young people’s gathering; for brands, if the communication scene should be in line with the brand tone, the “200 yuan strategy Conference” of Laoxiang chicken will cause communication, but if the conference is placed in the Cadillac center Where it is, it will not cause effective transmission. < / P > < p > in the super communication, the topic that can arouse resonance is social currency. Even in this decentralized media era, people still actively look for public opinion centers and hot spots. After all, people are social animals, and people need to have common topics with people from different circles, such as family members, friends, colleagues, etc. In the new media era, opinion leaders are the key nodes under the decentralization. They undertake the important task of guiding the topic out of the circle, and also determine whether a product or brand will convey positive or negative emotions to consumers. < / P > < p > stimulates emotions, but in communication, only when the emotional points of the target users or even the public are stepped on, and then the emotions are amplified, which will form automatic forwarding and produce positive fission. < / P > < p > efficient linking. Through the media alliance, KOL alliance, experts and scholars alliance, and MCN organization alliance, we have established a link system with key people as the core node. Through various kinds of online celebrities, big V and KOL in the alliance, we can transfer social currency to the users behind KOL and Koc, and trigger the communication effect. The spread of < / P > can not meet the requirements of the era of “breaking the center of communication” in any era. Only in more platforms to build scenes, guide the topic, cause resonance, can we achieve super communication. < / P > < p > effective exposure, communication can be divided into width and depth. If it is to B level communication, it is necessary to enlarge the communication effect in specific fields and do enough depth; if it is to C level communication, it is necessary to make articles on the communication width level to expand the influence of brands and products at the general user level. In my opinion, super communication is not infinite communication, but the maximization of communication effect under limited constraints. < / P > < p > “I know half of the investment in advertising is useless, but the problem is I don’t know which half.” It is still difficult for people to refute this sentence of John Werner Meck today. In the era of paper media, the front page of a newspaper is the most conspicuous and expensive position. However, it is uncertain how many people have seen and remembered the content of the communication, and the transformation is impossible. < / P > < p > in the era of portal, the banner position on the home page of a website is very conspicuous and expensive. However, only the number of hits can get feedback for the brand. However, they still don’t know how the feedback of users is and how much transformation can be formed? < p > < p > finally, the era of digital economy is coming, and the concepts of product effect integration, ROI, CPM, CPS, CPA are becoming popular. Finally, the brand side can see the dissemination figures and sales figures. < / P > < p > adidas’ global media director, Simon peel, said in 2019 that Adidas has invested too much in digital and impact channels, thus sacrificing brand building. The article also provides accurate data: 23% in the brand, 77% in the effect of the budget, but the final result disappointed it. < p > < p > as early as 2016, P & G planned to reduce the amount of “precision advertising” on Facebook, because the effect was not obvious. Although digital marketing can spread advertising content to the target audience through seemingly scientific calculation, the accuracy of the algorithm and the error that is difficult to predict actually lead to the deviation of the final result. < / P > < p > on the algorithm platform, it often appears that “Lin youyou” information is recommended to “Gu Jia”. On the e-commerce platform, it often appears that guessing what you like is actually guessing what you bought. Therefore, in my opinion, the use of data is a progress in the field of communication, but if mythical data, relying solely on digital marketing, can not really achieve effective communication. < / P > < p > the purpose of communication is to create brand awareness and build a bridge between brand and users. Therefore, digital marketing is not the final result. The effective communication under the digital system is the ultimate goal. < p > < p > with the changes of new media channels and new media content, online celebrities like Wei Ya, Li Jiaqi and Luo Yonghao have become the center of the topic. Whether you buy something from them or not, the social currency itself is the social currency. From the perspective of human nature, everyone is afraid of being abandoned by society, and also afraid of being called “ignorant” and “old”. < / P > < p > studies have found that more than 40% of people talk about topics that reflect their personal experience and personal relationships. Similarly, nearly half of the rumors are self-centered, including what people are doing or are happening to them. Why do they talk about people’s attitudes most? Harvard neuroscientists Jansen Michel and Diana Tamil have found that sharing one’s opinion can produce the same brain waves as one gets money and food, and sharing opinions can be exciting. Daniel Kahneman, a Nobel laureate and psychologist, has found that people’s evaluation of an experience is determined by two factors, one is the strongest experience in the process and the other is the final experience before the end. Other experiences in the process have little impact on people’s memory. This discovery was later summed up as the “law of the end of the peak”. < / P > < p > during the outbreak, everyone was forced to be isolated at home, and people’s emotions gradually became anxious. Because of the cloud of unemployment, layoffs and pay cuts, there is no way to go out and do something. Therefore, people’s anxiety is gradually amplified. < / P > < p > at this time, the local chicken launched the news of “Chairman tearing employee joint name letter”, which suddenly became a hot spot. The first reaction of many people to tear up the joint name letter must be that some enterprises are exploiting the epidemic situation to squeeze their employees. However, the content of the communication was reversed. The employees took the initiative to ask for no salary and wrote a joint letter, while the chairman insisted that the salary should be paid as usual. < p > < p > in fact, the spread of rural chicken is composed of a series of topics, including the best meal, the most beautiful retrograde cook, the chairman of Laoxiang chicken, and so on. < / P > < p > through the IP of “chicken”, we use 200 pieces of strategic press conference to build the scene, tear up the joint letter of employees to establish social currency, and use KOL to guide the topic, and finally realize the super communication topic of the whole network discussion. Through this kind of communication, the rural chicken has not only obtained a billion yuan of strategic investment, but also opened the nationwide layout. < / P > < p > if we say that the traditional content marketing is 1.0 mode and the digital marketing based on big data is 2.0 mode, then the super marketing integrated with scenario, self fermentation and extensibility is 3.0 mode. In the 3.0 mode, the head KOL and the middle and long tail Koc on various media platforms are part of the super channel. Only when the super channel is selected correctly, can it cause super resonance and form super communication. The content in the era of < / P > < p > 1.0 depends on the traffic dividend of the platform. Micro-blog, WeChat official account and red tiktok are the most elementary content marketing modes. Tiktok, micro-blog’s official account, MI Shen Lei Lei, Hua Xi Zi on the shaking voice, Degula K and so on, for example, on WeChat. Through these KOLs, users can be penetrated with content. In the era of < / P > < p > 2.0, brand marketing relies on data-based insight, which uses data to match communication content to the corresponding population, and KOL’s position gives way to data and algorithm. < / P > < p > but in the 3.0 era, KOL has come back to the forefront, integrating the super transmission of scenario, self fermentation and extensibility, forming a real