Fudan blackboard illustrated book! Do you have any courses you are familiar with?

Chalk rustles, students think. In Fudan, high-tech multimedia helps teachers and students “cloud” teaching, but the traditional blackboard writing full of unique charm has never been absent from the classroom. < / P > < p > want to review the beauty of blackboard writing? Now, let’s go into the classroom and enjoy the seven “hard core” blackboard writing by Fudan teachers, and appreciate their educational style! < / P > < p > this professional course offered by the Department of cultural relics and museum science does not use ppt courseware in the whole process, but mainly focuses on Teachers’ teaching, classroom interaction and students’ notes. It is hoped that this course can return to the true nature of the classroom and focus students’ attention on the classroom content itself rather than the colorful ppt pictures. < / P > < p > this course is taught by teachers from the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. It belongs to the core basic course of mathematics and physics, and is for non mathematics majors. It mainly studies the limit behavior of sequence, function of one variable and vector value mapping. The course pursues the first-class in breadth and depth, and carries out teaching and learning at the level of methodology, and pursues ideal educational effect. < p > < p > in this course, Matlab is used as the working environment to solve problems, and basic numerical calculation methods are learned. Through case analysis, students can understand the convergence behavior and performance of the algorithm by contacting the mathematical foundation behind each new method, and further consolidate the understanding of numerical algorithm by using vectorization programming language, so as to learn the basic knowledge of numerical algorithm, be familiar with numerical analysis skills, and understand and master the skills of solving relevant practical problems. < / P > < p > Advanced Algebra is a professional basic course for first-year students in mathematics college, and blackboard writing teaching is one of the characteristics of the course. This course won the 2011 Shanghai excellent course and the second prize of Shanghai teaching achievement in 2017, and was recommended by the university to declare the “online and offline hybrid” national first-class course in 2019. < / P > < p > this course is a compulsory course for undergraduates in the Department of chemistry. It is taught by Professor Bao Huimin, who has 21 years of undergraduate teaching experience in the Department of chemistry. The experimental content of blackboard writing is “continuous determination of lead and bismuth”, which is combined with the theoretical course teaching content of complexometric titration in the principle of analytical chemistry. < / P > < p > this course is an elective course for undergraduate students, and it is also set up as a professional elective course “quantum information” for graduate students to explain the basis of quantum computing and quantum information to students. < / P > < p > the course is a postgraduate course in the school of information science and engineering. The concept of electromagnetic compatibility, the propagation and coupling of electromagnetic interference, the design method of electromagnetic compatibility and the engineering application of electromagnetic compatibility are described. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction