Fudge said the United States does not need to close again to fight the new outbreak

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has dropped dramatically in November, according to foreign media reports, according to Anthony Foch, who recently interviewed CNN. To do this, Fudge stressed, the general public needs to follow basic guidelines for the safety of the new coronavirus, such as keeping social distance and wearing masks. At first glance, this may seem possible, but wearing masks has become a contentious political issue in the United States. < / P > < p > “it’s up to us,” fudge told the hills, “it’s all in our hands. I really believe that based on the data we see in other countries, if we do it right in the United States, States, cities and counties, and if we pay attention to the basic principles of infection control and transmission reduction, we can achieve it in November. It’s totally imaginable. ” < / P > < p > as fouch said, it has been seen that strict new coronavirus safety measures can greatly reduce the number of new coronavirus cases. Italy, for example, was a centre for the spread of the new coronavirus a few months ago. At present, the number of new coronavirus cases in Italy is controlled at about 200-400. In contrast, not long ago, more than 15000 new crowns were confirmed in Florida alone within 24 hours. Novel coronavirus pneumonia,

Foch pointed out that if the whole country is united and the security directive is beginning to comply, there is no reason why the number of new crown pneumonia cases will not be substantially reduced. However, this may prove challenging because the country has reopened on a large scale and people seem to have begun to live their lives as if the new coronavirus were still not a threat. < / P > < p > in view of this, Fudge recently outlined eight activities that people should avoid if they want to help control the spread of the new coronavirus and reduce the risk of infection. The list includes the following: < / P > < p > earlier this week, Fudge said it was more important than ever to follow the new coronavirus safety guidelines as autumn approached. If people can’t reduce the number of new cases ahead of time, cold weather and flu season may lead to a significant increase in new coronal < / P > < p > infections. Fudge noted that if the number of new cases does not fall below 10000 this fall, the United States could be in trouble. < / P > < p > “if you look at our data now,” says fudge, “we’re in the middle of the first wave. We have a surge in the number of cases. The last one has 50-60000 deaths and 1000 deaths a day. We have to write down these figures. If we don’t get them off, it’s going to be very bad in autumn. Because when you go inside, you’re going to have complications of the flu, which we have to deal with < / P > < p > it is worth noting that people can see progress without having to close the country again. “I think if Americans wear masks, keep a distance, avoid crowds, and follow hand hygiene advice, we can get through this crisis without having to go back to the state of government shutdown,” fudge said in this week’s pulse check podcast. When you have a weak link, the whole system doesn’t work. ” gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?