Fuji film push fujilong xf50mmf1.0 r WR fixed coke head

Fuji film company announced the launch of Fuji dragon xf50mmf1.0 r WR large aperture fixed focus lens, which is the industry benchmark with the largest aperture of f1.0 autofocus lens, which is specially made for non reflective camera. This is the 35th interchangeable lens for the X-Series digital cameras, using Fuji film’s unparalleled color reproduction technology, providing excellent image quality. < / P > < p > xf50mmf1.0 r WR is a super large aperture medium focus lens with a focal length of 50mm and a maximum aperture of f1.0. As the largest aperture XF series interchangeable lens in Fuji film history, its large aperture design can achieve unparalleled resolution, and can also create beautiful shot, making the background virtual with rich smoothness. The lens can also narrow the aperture to achieve edge to edge clarity, which extends the versatility of imaging. < / P > < p > xf50mmf1.0 adopts DC auto focusing motor, which can realize fast and accurate auto focusing even when taking images under the maximum f 1.0 aperture. Because this function can obtain a very shallow depth of field, when shooting a portrait, the lens makes full use of the face / eye auto focusing function of X series cameras to achieve accurate focusing, which is difficult to achieve by manual focusing. < / P > < p > when manual focusing is required, such as when recording video, the manual focusing ring can provide 120 degree rotation, support precise and enhanced control, and can quickly move to infinity within the focus range. Finally, although it is a large aperture f1.0 lens, its weight, size and anti dripping and dustproof features make it a practical choice for all kinds of professional photographers. < / P > < p > xf50mmf1.0 RWR consists of 9 groups of 12 lens elements, including one aspheric lens and two ed lenses for excellent distortion control. Xf50mmf1.0 r WR can produce an amazing shallow depth of field when used at or near the maximum f 1.0 aperture. The precision design of the circular aperture can produce a professional level of large and smooth shot effect, help to present the edge to edge excellent definition, and take simple close to three-dimensional space of the portrait. You can use this new feature in selective focus to keep the subject’s eyes in focus all the time and explore how to shoot a fascinating close-up. But it’s not just for portraits. If you use this lens for street shooting or shooting a little bit of life, you will turn the disorderly environment into a clean background through unparalleled object separation technology. < / P > < p > xf50mmf1.0 RWR has a very large aperture, which means that it is more possible to take pictures in low light conditions. At night or in a dark room, the xf50mmf1.0 r WR provides the largest aperture in the XF lens to capture more light when taking photos. Xf50mmf1.0 r WR lens can also easily achieve fast shutter speed, thus freezing the movement and maintaining a low ISO setting for rich details. In addition, high ISO settings can be used in combination with f1.0 apertures for incredible versatility and for other low light applications such as astronomical photography. < / P > < p > xf50mmf1.0 is the benchmark for the auto focus f1.0 lens without anti system in the industry at present. It brings more light to the sensor than any XF lens in the past, so that the auto focusing can be realized at – 7ev brightness level. The previous – 6EV brightness level limit was achieved with a lens with the largest aperture f1.4. X Series users now have fast, accurate low light autofocus, even in close to the dark environment can easily focus. With the automatic focusing of phase detection on the sensor, face / eye focusing and powerful DC motor, it is possible to focus accurately and quickly in shallow depth of field. < / P > < p > in order to make full use of its ultra shallow depth of field, focusing must be accurate. Therefore, the focusing ring accuracy of xf50mmf1.0 is 8 times higher than that of any XF lens in the past. In this way, the user can change the focus from the minimum focus distance to infinity with great accuracy. To this end, xf50mmf1.0 r WR uses a 120o rotary focusing ring, which allows you to focus manually and accurately with the peak focus and focus assist modes of the X-Series camera. The rotation of 120o also makes the auto focus movement very accurate and easy, and the lens is designed to minimize the influence of focus shift when shooting images. < / P > < p > although xf50mmf1.0 RWR is a fast f1.0 large aperture lens, it can take amazing pictures in almost all kinds of scenes. The lens is 103.5mm long and weighs 845G, but it is still very compact and portable. Like all other dust and drip proof XF lenses, it is sealed in 11 locations to prevent moisture and dust and can be used at – 10 ° C. Xf50mmf1.0 r WR can be used with similar specifications, dust-proof and anti dripping X Series non reflection digital camera, so that you can take unique images in harsh environment. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!