Fuji film releases new type of ultra short focus projector: 8000 lumen, dual axis rotating lens

It home on August 17, according to the official information of Fujifilm, Fujifilm has newly developed the world’s first ultra short focus projector “Z series” Fujifilm projector z8000, which is equipped with “zigzag double axis rotating structure lens”. It is expected to be on sale in the second half of 2020. < / P > < p > the it home has learned that fp-z8000 uses a high transmittance lens and laser light source, and the brightness can reach 8000 lumens. Officials say it can project high contrast, clear images even when used in stores with strong external lighting. In addition, the fp-z8000 is equipped with a “zigzag double axis rotating structure lens”. The official said that it can project images in all directions without moving the main body of the projector, and has the ability to project large images at close range. < p > < p > fp-z8000 can realize the smallest size and lightest weight among similar products by configuring the internal parts of the equipment. In addition, it also supports vertical and horizontal placement, which can effectively utilize the space. In addition, it is equipped with “geometric correction function”, which can correct the image distortion caused by projection onto the surface, and project a clear image with high brightness. Privacy Policy

Author: zmhuaxia