Fuji x-a7 is suspected to be out of production, with poor sales volume or new machine replacement

When Fuji released x-a series cameras in the past, the product update cycle was about 16 to 19 months. However, there were some exceptions to the x-a7 released in October last year. It is less than a year since its release, and it has been listed as a discontinued product by many online platforms. < / P > < p > although many e-commerce platforms have marked Fuji x-a7 camera as discontinued, Fuji officials have not confirmed whether it has stopped production. Now the camera production may be due to two different reasons. First, Fuji may plan to launch a new x-a8 camera in the near future, so it has decided to stop production of the x-a7. However, there is no information about the new x-a8, so it is doubtful whether the new x-a8 will be released in the near future. < / P > < p > another reason may be the poor sales of this camera. In the past, Fuji x-a series cameras had a good reputation in the Asian market, but perhaps due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the sales of x-a7 cameras have suffered a decline. < / P > < p > of course, on the other hand, Fuji’s current product distribution on APS-C non reflective cameras is also a big problem. Especially for entry-level APS-C cameras, the design and performance of x-t200 and x-a7 are almost the same, while the presence or absence of viewfinder has become the biggest difference between them. This is in today’s camera market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, users are obviously more willing to accept more advanced specifications of the camera. In the lower end of the market, as smart phones begin to move towards multi bottom photography, and their AI image computing power is becoming more powerful, it also poses a severe challenge to this kind of entry-level camera which mainly focuses on cost performance. Therefore, in the future, the situation of this kind of entry-level camera will be more difficult. Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine