Fujian Yixin Media Co., Ltd.: the way and tiktok of business operation

Kwai tiktok is very popular nowadays. The new generation of short video APP, shaking has been attracting many users’ time from WeChat, tiktok and other platforms, becoming the popular APP for young and old. Now as enterprises or individuals to carry out new media operation or brand promotion, double micro platform + Yishuo is the first choice. Tiktok is now running in all major enterprises in the country, beyond count, but there are still few operations that are successful. Next, the Yixin media tiktok will help you understand the way and skills of business operation. Tiktok:

, we need to know what the purpose of enterprise operation is. That must be brand marketing, let the enterprise brand influence more! This is an official saying. Every enterprise or individual wants to have greater influence, get more exposure and shape opportunities, and have more hope of creating and transforming products. But for trembling, the more in-depth purpose is to let the brand accumulate in the short video field, form its own flow pond, and then connect with other business platforms to get better tiktok. Now the development trend of short video is very fast. With the internal algorithm recommendation mechanism, a user’s attention is far less than a user’s like. The more you like, the more popular the value is. But this is not a good thing for brand building. We all know that the operation of brand is to create more traffic after more users pay attention to it, so as to facilitate the later management, operation and transformation. Tiktok operation method tiktok if you play the jitter tiktok, you know, there are two kinds of accounts for the recommended voice: Extreme users and professional users. Tiktok

1, many accounts on extreme speed users are all extreme users. What is the speed user? This kind of account is a hot video recommended to you. The number of liked videos is about 10 + to 1 million. When we are attracted by videos, we will click into the home page to view more videos. Many of the discoverers don’t have a lot of likes, comments and sharing. The videos are not warm or hot, and some of them are hot videos. High speed users’ video popularity is basically accidental. Many videos are still failures, and it is difficult to continue to shoot more innovative works. The impulse to attract users’ attention is not so great that they can’t keep users. Many enterprises or individual operators are in this state, so the ratio of praise to attention of such fast users is less than 10:1. < / P > < p > 2. The accounts of professional users are operated by professional teams with clear operation plans and daily maintenance rules. A lot of video likes are relatively balanced, so that the data of each work will not be uneven. The number of works will be controlled within tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, sometimes higher, but not many. This is the effect of team operation. The quality output is relatively stable. The user oriented group is also relatively centralized and accurate. Pay attention to the diversification of works. After being recommended to users, the attention rate is stable. In addition, it can be used to mine the quality of the following videos. If the content is accurate and vertical enough, the praise and attention ratio can reach more than 2:1. There are many ways to shake the voice of an enterprise or individual. I will not introduce you to this one. I am interested in paying more attention to the operation of De. I will share some of the contents of the operation tiktok. If you really want to operate the jitter, or tiktok, you need to choose professional users. Then, stability, quality and high transformation are the first choice for all operators. Fujian Yixin Media Co., Ltd. is a leading live e-commerce service platform in China. Yixin media focuses on providing one-stop solutions for live e-commerce, including mining and training professional anchors, providing strong content planning, stable flow and commodity supply chain support, and building Omni channel business services such as anchor incubation, content production, product selection support and operation planning, and is committed to creating a complete set of solutions for customers to quickly enter the e-commerce market. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year

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