Full experience of Ariston x plus heating bath dual purpose furnace in summer

In midsummer, both bathing and daily water consumption will reach the peak of the year with the rising temperature. Under such a strong “water demand”, users will inevitably find that there will be many pain points in the normal use of water heaters, such as long waiting time for hot water, high or unstable water temperature, hidden dangers of gas and electricity use. In view of this situation, Ariston, with the brand concept of “no fear of extreme challenges and consistent quality”, has launched the Ariston x plus plus series wall hanging furnace for heating and bathing. < / P > < p > at the same time, we also know that this is a product targeted at the domestic market developed by Ariston. It shows its strength again in terms of the “quality of household appliances” and the strength of hard core technology that people care about. Next, let’s learn and experience its specific functions. < / P > < p > as mentioned above, the hot water is too hot and the temperature is unstable, which will directly affect the overall home comfort. What’s more, China has a vast territory, and climate differences have brought different use environments and habits. Therefore, in the process of product development, Ariston pays more attention to meet the demand of “function depends on demand”, and strives to make x plus plus series wall hanging furnace truly form a response between “product power” and “user demand”. < / P > < p > for this, Ariston X Plus plus series gas-fired heating water heater has six outstanding performances, including “auto frequency conversion, constant temperature precise control, 5-second fast heating, low-noise static enjoyment, simple button, APP intelligent enjoyment”. It can be seen that, no matter the heating rate of water heater, precise temperature control, user experience and other aspects, each has made corresponding arrangements according to the core demands of users. The auto frequency conversion function can adjust the best combustion mode according to the indoor and outdoor temperature to ensure that the room temperature is more stable, comfortable and energy-saving; the constant temperature precise control can control the water temperature fluctuation at 0.3 ℃ through the wide frequency conversion design and multi-point digital fine control, which can always enjoy a comfortable and comfortable shower in four seasons of the year; it can be heated in 5 seconds, which can be preheated in advance to achieve the fastest heat output in 5 seconds Water, no need to wait. It can be seen that the combination of these three functions can effectively cover the daily water demand in summer, and solve a series of pain points such as “too long hot water waiting, too high water temperature, large fluctuation of water temperature” and so on when many water heater users use their products, so as to create a truly comfortable bathing experience for users in summer. < / P > < p > in addition to polishing the product functions, Ariston’s R & D team also learned that domestic users are very concerned about “the use quality of household appliances”, and it is more important for the wall mounted furnace products responsible for home heating. < / P > < p > so x Plus plus series gas-fired heating water heater implements the “all-round quality design” and brings three quality guarantees of “global adaptation, stability and security; strict material selection, sticking to the original intention; long-term quality assurance, no worry and intimate”, so that the product can operate stably without fear of the changes of temperature, air pressure, voltage and water flow in the process of use, so as to make users feel more secure. In addition, we strive to improve every detail of the product: the main board, water pump and other key parts are in line with the EU CE certification, and the waterway components meet the wras British drinking water contact license certification standard. At the same time, in order to fully ensure that users can use the products at ease, Ariston specially provides clas x plus WiFi Kuneng Youjia has committed to 5 years of professional quality assurance service for the whole machine, which shows its firm confidence in product quality. < / P > < p > only by localizing functions and quality can we really impress users. Ariston x plus series gas heating water heater has achieved excellent performance and excellent quality from product function to quality. We also expect Ariston to bring us more good products in the future. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing